Sophie’s Throughway ~ Jules Smith

Sophie's Throughway - by Jules Smith

A unique novel that explores the effect Asperger’s has, not only on the individual, but  on the family unit as a whole. 

Sophie needs to find a way to balance the chaotic route she has been forced to walk down… a son she cannot control – diagnosed with Asperger’s and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), coinciding with the onset of raging hormones; a daughter she has to ensure gets attention so she doesn’t feel left out; and an ex-husband who comes and goes as he pleases.

At the same time, Sophie struggles to hold down her job as an interiors writer for a magazine. Her rambling house is in desperate need of upkeep – her garden is full of overgrowing plants; there’s no end of laundry, cleaning and cooking and there’s not nearly enough money.

Only wine, chocolate and good friends keep Sophie from tipping over the edge. That, and the mysterious voice of her cyber love. Could he be the saviour she’s been waiting for? Or has he been in front of her the whole time?

Told from the perspective of a mother who has to battle through life on a daily basis – fighting hard to keep her son in school, dealing with her marriage breaking up, giving her daughter her attention, maintaining her job and exploring her future love life.

Sophie’s Throughway is a heartwarming read, written to inspire empathy and compassion within the reader, as well as increasing understanding for a condition that does not have enough public recognition.

Available for sale as a paperback and an Ebook

Paperback ISBN 9781784623852 • £9.99 

Ebook ISBN 9781784625849 • £2.99

Guns Along The Gold Road ~ Chastity Blankfield (Jules Smith – Editor)

Chastity Blankfield - by Jules Smith

A miner is robbed of his gold and a hunt is begun that will lead to the small town of Bodie.

Instantly under suspicion is an Italian named Alonzo, hated simply for being different. The biggest rancher in Bodie is Sam Winburne and he plans to leave land and his daughter to his burly range boss, Hugh Webber. But his beautiful daughter, Estelle, is ready for love and, though she is promised to Webber, her heart has already been given to Alonzo.
Other fascinating characters appear, ranging from a Mormon Saint to a black magicker as the search for the stolen gold, and then Estelle herself, turns into a gun-slinging race against death. It’s another classic Western by Miss Chastity Blankfield and it delivers the excitement and drama of the Old West–in spades!


YEE- HAWW!  You won’t be disappointed!

33 ~ Jules Smith

~ 33 ~ brings you a collection of thirty -three, flash fiction stories offering a snapshot in time and delving into the many layers of human behaviour. Each tale exposing the rich tapestry of emotion that we all prefer to hide behind closed doors.

There’s nothing quite as interesting as human behaviour. People are all about their public presentation and how well they are perceived to the outside word. But me, well I like to tear through those veils and pull out all the real human emotions and flaws that stay locked within.

Those of you who know me well or have followed this blog for sometime, are aware that I have an odd penchant for photographing doors from around the world. I don’t know why, but I find doors fascinating; particularly really old, weathered doors that have stood strong against the years and been passed through by many.

Some doors stay barricaded; some are always open; some hang on their hinges bearing the tattered scars of life. Doors have stories and so do people.

My new book, 33, brings you a collection of thought provoking short stories: sometimes dark, truculent or moving and at other times, cynically humourous. I guarantee there will be a story in here that resonates with you.