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November 15, 2017 1:30pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 18 Comments

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

There’s a well known saying in life: It’s not what you know but who you know. Since I don’t know very much about anything (except being ridiculous) I surround myself with cool and awesome people.

I have recently spent time at a ranch in America which is run by two brothers. There is nothing these guys can’t do – no kidding. I’ve tried to find things and I can’t. They can make stuff, mend stuff, fix it, change it and reinvent it. And when they do, they do it properly.

This has taught me a valuable lesson in patience: I still don’t need any cos I can get others to do it for me!

A Shot In The Dark

So, being the creative type that I am, I decided to collect all the gunshot shells that were used in the clay pigeon shoot fest. These were all bagged up ready to be chucked. But I had an idea and started fishing them out into a bag of my own.

“What are you doing, Jules?” I noted slight exasperation but I’m used to that.

“I want to make things with these.”

“Like what?”

“I want to stick them on stuff that I own.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“Ah, well, see this is where you and your brilliance come in! I’ll tell you what I want and you can make it! Genius, right?”

*Crickets followed by raised eyebrows and sighs* That’s basically male for yes.

True Brit

Like True Grit but not – you get it, right?  Perfect or what? I’ve now decided to start up my own western online shop after my creative ingenuity and skill set at finding awesome workmanship.

Here’s what happened next:

Belt Up!

Those who have been following my adventures over the pond for the last couple of years know that I’m pretty well kitted out with awesome western cowgirl wear. I already have a Texan handmade belt with a Lone Star buckle, various conchos and even my name on it should I get lost. But do I have a Virginian one with real shotgun shells on it? Err no. Well, that needed to be rectified.

First off, I had to buy a leather belt. Tick. Then I had to get an authentic Virginian belt buckle. Well, I looked for five minutes and couldn’t find one. Gave up. Like I said, patience isn’t my forte but thankfully it is of the people around here who found one for me, ordered it and put it on my belt. Respect.

Then it needed more holes.  I bought it long so it can be worn on jeans or outside hanging off your hips, kinda sorta.

Next job – marking out where the shells were going to go.  Technical stuff, this.

Drill ’em out!

Evenly placed Remington, Federal and Winchester shells interspersed with Lone Star conchos cos I’ll always be an honorary Texan.

And….TA-DAH!  My one-off, super cool, Virginian belt. LOVE IT.


Make It A Saddle Bag, Not A Purse.


I have a beautiful, simple, soft red leather handbag.  Yes, handbag not purse.  A purse is where you keep your money.  Anyway, I couldn’t be doing with that kinda British elegance when I had the golden opportunity to embellish it and make it a one-off.

Me?  Go over the top?  Don’t be absurd.


Ma Bewwwts!

I’m never without them.  Several pairs now because you can never have enough cowboy bewwwts.  I have embellished my favourite pair with all manner of things like straps and beads and shot pound coins. Whenever and wherever I wear them I get stopped at least 3 times in the street by people saying, “I love your bewwwts” This is why I need to be in the western wear fashion business.  Naturally, they needed shotgun shells on.

Git ‘er done!

Jules Smith Cowboy Boots

Such perfection I could puke with joy.


Gunpowder Gal

And here are all my lovely things.  Hats off to the talent for realising my fashionista dream.


Chop Chop

Turns out I am a very fortunate person. In this woodworking shop, many beautiful things are made including state of the art, built to last, end grain chopping boards.

As a Christmas present, one was made for me in cherry and walnut to take back to jolly old England.


With shotgun brass. Obvs.

Beautiful, quality workmanship.  Ahhh – now they’re FINALLY getting it.

I’m so excited about my things it’s ridiculous and can’t thank this cowboy enough who is currently in his man cave making me a wind chime out of my spent ammo and has also made me a hat rack. Why? Well, I now have a winter felt hat as well as a summer straw one and I also need a peg to hang my rope on since I was taught how to throw that yesterday.

Yes, I will be roping you when I return to Blighty so don’t give me any gyp – I have been trained well.


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Jules …..you truly are remarkable,you could deffo go into making this stuff ….your talents have no ends …luv ya cowgirl!!

Awww, thank you, Dalma! That’s really sweet of you to say so and to have such faith in me! Luvs ya too, Mogel! ;P

Wow! What fabulous gear! I like the handbag embellishment. I really hope you are starting an online cowgirl store because I think you’d do very well with your creative ideas. Maybe I could buy myself some Jules bewwts!

Jane – any girl worth her salt NEEDS cowboy bewwwts. This is fact. But, they need to be Julesified which I would happily do for you.

I have every intention of doing so but I’m looking into it carefully first. It needs to make money, be awesome, be unique and allow me to travel. This is my strict criteria! 🙂

Love it! I can’t wait to see you in all your finery. And the chopping board is stunning.

Theresa, I shall be coming in all my finery singing Rocky Mountain High, as is my norm! Then I’m gonna give you a BIG HUG!

Yes, it is stunning. Don’t know if I dare chop anything on it.

Lovely! Boots filled yet again! X

Thank you, BFF! Well, naturally! FILLED! Heh! x

My the time you’ve got all your gear on you will be too heavy to walk!
It’s a bit different from the craft fair item in Britannia like Home made cards, knitted toys etc. Definitely need to get yourself a country cowgirl site

I clink when I walk now like a cowboy in an old western. Heh! You can hear me coming now which may be even more sinister than my stealth approach. 🙂

There’s shops and there’s shops. This one will be HUGE hit.

And then there’s genius to be realised! On it, LSP 🙂

Your hands are looking a little rough. Maybe a little moisturizer?

Terrible, M. And my lovely nail varnish all gone. Tch. I shall buy gloves 😉

I just lurve your bewwwts!
If I send you my pair of Hush Puppies, could you do something similar?

Haha! I’d have you the envy of Luton town, Masher though you may not be able to run in them so stay away from dodgy pubs or you might get a spanking! 🙂

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