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January 1, 2016 8:39pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 20 Comments


A friend of mine received a book for Christmas called ‘642 things to write about.’

“Are you up for the challenge, everyday in January?” said friend.

“You’re throwing down the gauntlet? To me? ”

Energy promotes energy; motivation promotes motivation; writing promotes writing…write..right? I’m hoping that follows the same pattern, as hell, do I have a lot to get through this month.

So, despite being loaded with New Years Day dinner and wine, courtesy of my loving friends and rather fancying a bit of a snooze before Sherlock arrives on TV tonight (I’ve been waiting 2 years for this) I am about to embark on today’s challenge. Some of which (including this evenings effort) I will use for blogging purposes.

Today’s subject title: What can happen in a second.

Naturally, I drifted to the dark side and then thought of a hundred things that could happen in a second. Maybe I could just list all of those but then…that would be too easy. I wanted something warm and light and moving. So here is my version of what can happen in a second.

In just that second when your eyes lock together and not a word needs to be spoken. Despite before that juncture, words were the pathway to that point: the clever remarks, the testing innuendos and the tom foolery of bravado. The dance that steps backwards and forwards until you find the rhythm of the beat being played; when you stop treading on each others toes and fumble your way into a united waltz. It’s all so new and shiny and glazed with honey coated possibility. Before that second anything could happen. But when that one look is shared and you feel the knot tighten in the centre of the rope that swings between you like a tug of war between the mightiest of ogres; that second holds a power that disables not only the self but the rest of the world standing behind. Everything else in that second is just background noise. If the room was on fire you wouldn’t care because it would not, nor could not match the flame inside you that tickles and tortures with every building lick. Wild and primitive, your senses are intensified to every nuance. Every prickle of anticipation, every twitch of hardened, begging muscles, the scent of laboured, bated breath bringing you closer and closer because there is no stopping, there is no doubt, there is only rocket fuelled passion. And only in that second when one soft, searching mouth connects with another does the torment release into the glorious explosion of a first kiss.


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I could buy a mansion in a second.

You make me covet, Kitty.

Dear Jules, just when I had myself convinced that a solitary uncomplicated life was for the best…you had to go and smack me right in the kisser! Is it warm in here (fans self)?

It is for the best, Tracy, those kind of heady distractions turn you into a dizzy mess!

Very mild for this time of year, *blows on self*

Happy New Year, top chick 🙂

You’re writing is so intoxicating, Jules. Who needs 5 gallons of yummy punch any way? Oh many things have happened in one second… but it would take me a year to tell you all about it.

And I still owe you a raving review 🙂

And I am intoxicated by such a lovely comment. Throw that punch away!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BLUE! I hope it knocks your socks off!

And, thank you 🙂

I may still have some of that punch left. Thanks for reminding me. I’m off to my fridge now.

You rebel…

I’m sure I made too much… Way too much. So my 2017 New Year’s Resolution (with capitals too) will be: we need more punch with a punch. 😉

I’m with you every step of the way, Grumpy!

Rome was built in a second. that’s why it collapsed *)

The Barbarian second didn’t help. *)

But does the gentleman wipe the joker lipstick from his face after the first kiss (accomplished in a mere second), or does he leave it on for the record?

Hmm…an interesting question and after a mere second of consideration I think:
A) Would there be any lipstick left?
B) Would the gentleman even care?
C) Would he even have a hand free to do so?

Aww, this is so beautiful, Jules. Love it! Great entry!

Thank you, Dee-licious. I am the ace of hearts, you know 🙂

And with any luck, the stuff that follows will last longer than a second! (I’ve seen baboons do it in less time, though).

I would expect at least several seconds, even from a baboon, Mr. Gorilla Bananas.

Oh to experience that once, twice, several more times …..

I hear ya, mate. 🙂

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