A Self Assessment

December 31, 2014 8:00pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 10 Comments

Self assessment


Someone just told me that Gin is a depressant. Well whoopy do. With that in mind I have decided to analyse the dark side. Get the New Year melancholy over with before I get happy. Test out my camera before I take it to the streets of forced merriment.


self assessment 2
In the beginning everything is black and white.

Dark and light. Win or lose. Right and wrong. Clear cut.

Then life happens: New experiences; Joy and pain. Shades of grey.

self assessment 3

Choices are not as simple: Other aspects have to be carefully considered. Cause and effect: This kind of light may cast a darkness onto another; this level of darkness will be too much for the other. Some will blind you with their brilliance and others will deaden you with their misery. The rest will swim around you disguised in various shades of grey.

self assessment 4

Hiding in the dark will lead to withdrawal and hopelessness; living too long in the light will bring about delusion and weariness.

Balance. A steady pair of scales. An impossible achievement.

self assessment 5

Look on the bright side but don’t be deceived. Keep your feet firmly on the ground when you wish upon a star. Give your heart freely but be careful who to.

Nebulous existence. Striving for a scintillant horizon whilst wading through the parameters of dark and light. Trying to become the star that shines a little more brightly before it burns out.

self assessment 7
In the end everything is black and white.

Note to self: No more gin. Moving swiftly on to port.



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I think you’ve perfectly captured the sexy-sulky look, Jules. All you need is a pair of castanets and a Latin lover-boy to dance the Flamenco with. Would you oblige me by saying the words “Bésame, bestia!” at midnight?

It’s probably more accurate to say I’ve perfected the sulky, mardy look. Years of not getting my own way and being smacked on the arse by my Mother.

I said it and not a single beast came forth and snogged me. I think I frighten them!

Gin may not be the best place to begin… because you are discounting Fifty Shades of Gray. I’m not trying to be playfully sexual, simply suggesting that going with GOOD or BAD is a stretch.

Back to sloppy layers — and the sloppy gray of life.


It’s all a stretch Larry.
I’m definitely laying off the gin – like I need any help to be maudlin!

Big gong-bangers here. Every word is profound… My favorite rocks back and forth between the Cause and effect words and the Nebulous existence words… You’re a wise one, Miss Jules.

Wise words are always found at the bottom of a fine Taylors Port, Miss A. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is the writers elixir.
Thank you, indeed. 🙂

You do the dark side well dahling xx

I love the dark side. I hate it too. But I reside there often behind a pink wig and a nice Dior lipgloss 🙂

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