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July 20, 2011 2:18pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 4 Comments

?4u – How do u feel bout txt tlk? WDYT PPL? Do u H8 it or <3 it? Do u srsly LOL when u txt LOL? R u rly ROFL or LMAO @ msgs?  WTH?  Idk…SMH.
So really what are your opinions on our modern abbreviated language?  I don’t really know where I sit here.  In some ways I hate it because I fear the loss of our beautiful expressive language but in other ways it is easy and fun, especially when you have got to text a lot of people (which I hate (H8) or play on line games where chatting is involved.   Language moves on; it’s a fact.  We no longer speak like Shakespeare  (And oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse) in dramatic and romantic verse for we have ‘lingually’ evolved and are continuing to do so.  Albeit a bit sad as I love old fashioned romantic language and find it heartwarming to read such prose.  I mean what is romantic about this: ILY <3 miss U BBZ xoxo. No. But the word LOL and others of similar ilk have made it into the Oxford dictionary so therefore are now words in their own right.   What I find particularly ridiculous is that ‘LULZ’ is slang for LOL.  Hmmm, get your head round that if you can….
However, technology is moving at hell of a pace and communication becoming less face to face (F2F) and via the means of instant messaging so language has got to be quicker to enable our response to our worldwide friends on facebook, online games, mobile phones, e mail and other. Our speedy lives demand it.   When was the last time you wrote a letter?  An actual hand written letter? Will our future generation ever write any letters? I think not. I was speaking to a head of a corporation recently who said he gets very well educated graduates applying for jobs but they are unable to put a letter together properly. Their applications are speed written like an e mail, with no indepth content and without the use of correct grammar and punctuation.  But they are graduates?
 In the paper today it says that 1000,000 7 year olds are unable to write properly and their grasp of the 3 ‘R’s is at its worst for a decade. Shocking really. So, maybe our future holds holds a global, textual, non punctuated language of abbreviations that all can understand.  I for one shall still hold hard to the language of yore but also embrace our future dialogue. So farewell my kith and kin, ‘til tomorrow..and..G2G, BRB, CU l8R.  LOL (lulz) 


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I don’t understand most of the abbreviated language. I have to ask my granddaughters what they mean. So naturally, I don’t like it too much. I’m sure it is good for texting and tweeting, as you say.

The last time I wrote a real letter was to my granddaughter in college. She loved receiving my letters and packages. I felt a need to do that because I missed her so much.

I have a friend who said she wanted to go the the farmers market to pick up some strawbs

I thought that was a cute/quick clever way to say strawberries……I mean…..who has the time anymore?

Aww Belle. That’s so nice.

Strawbs!!! I like it!

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