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December 31, 2012 3:46pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 25 Comments

2012 has not been one of my favourite years.  I have seen 5 great people die in the last 6 months and whilst I am able to outwardly show joy I am unable to outwardly grieve.  So, instead I threw myself into a creative frenzy and went mental. 

I drove all the way to Bedford and bought 25 old school tables.  I then bought some boxes. I like boxes. Then I spied a chair and table set in a charity shop and bought that too.  I found a stool in someone’s house and then bought another stool from an antique fair.  I then saw two very lonely cottage style chairs and bought those also.   I painted some things and sold them and felt like a funky artisan. Today I looked at the stack of furniture piled high in my garage and said out loud “What the hell am I doing?” I came up with this enlightening analysis:  I haven’t got a clue.

 Anyway, I also recently developed a stomach ulcer (well that’s what I diagnosed on the internet) and went to see my doctor.  He wanted to send me away for medieval probing but I declined. Vehemently. “Listen” I said “Just give me the highest dose of whateverprazole to get me through the mulled wine, mince pies, Belgian chocolates and we’ll look at the ram-rodding of my throat next year if absolutely necessary.” 

I then took a trip away.  I came back and waited for the world to end.  It didn’t so I had a mad rush on buying all my presents.  Chaos.  However, in the meantime the lovely Siobhan who writes the fabulous “A Blog Of One’s Own”  has given me a Liebster blog award. AHHHH, how nice and what a lovely thing to end my year.  So, I shall proceed to answer the questions she has put forward to me:

Why do you write/blog?
Well since I’ve been VERY blogadaisical of late you could say I don’t! I do it because it’s a release, it’s verbal art and it clears my monkey brain.

What’s your favourite thing about writing/blogging?
It’s a creative release and I love my blog family.

What’s your greatest ambition?  
I’d like to succeed at something creative. Whatever format, I’d like to be awesome at what I do but that involves patience and commitment of which I have neither.

What’s your greatest dream?
I have many dreams.  To be stinking rich, own a yacht, a jet and a portion of Bora Bora.  Dress in haute couture with a vast collection of Jimmy Choo’s and Prada bags.  Have my own hairdresser, cook, cleaner and own an Aston Martin. Other than that I’d like to travel to many places, meet interesting people and be happy for ever and ever, Amen.

What’s your all-time favourite book?
Seriously, I don’t know. I like the Princess Bride, I love Marian Keyes and I adored the Kite Runner.  I like too many books.

What’s your favourite thing in the world to do?
Be with fun and kind people and take photographs.

Describe yourself in 3 words…? (or less!)
Bonkers, feisty, sensitive.

What’s your ultimate creative indulgence?
Photography and turning my photos into arty things.

Your motto on life?
If it doesn’t make you laugh, don’t do it. OR Don’t go to your grave with the music still inside you.

What’s the most important thing in your life?
My bank account.  JUST KIDDING. Family.

What’s your best characteristic? 
God knows.  Let’s ask him… I’m a trier.  A dreamer but a trier.
I’d like to wish you all a happy new year and let’s hope it has bells on! 


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Happy New Year to you, Jules. You deserve every award you get, although the gold statuette looks a tad on the anorexic side. What big hands he has. All the better for…spanking you?

And so do you GB! It does a bit, I think it need feeding up so I can spank it back!

Congratulations my quirky artistic friend. much deserved loads of love for 2013 xx

Thank you my lovely also quirky friend x and the same to you with bells on!

He’s right. Anorexic is not good. You deserve a big fat golden statue. Ha! Real gold so you can buy Bora Bora and invite us all for dinner. Well now, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful idea? Could you do it before that clock strikes twelve? And what are you going to do with all that furniture? What is this… Twenty Questions?

Anyway… Let’s raise that glass tonight and keep our fingers crossed. Who knows, we may be in for a pleasant surprise, Jules. You never know.


P.S. Ram-rodding of the throat… been there and don’t recommend it.

I do? Thank you 🙂 I didn’t manage to do that before the clock struck 12 but I’m working on it! Ah, that would be SO NICE.
Well, now I’ve got it, I’m going to paint it all! Maybe I could turn my garage into a shop.
I don’t know, is it 20 questions? I don’t mind, really.
Glass raised, drank and raised again. Heres to pleasant surprises.

P.s – I can’t say I’m over keen. It seems most barbaric.

Yes, you do. Most definitely.

You bought 25 old school tables? You must have had some sort of idea in your head for buying that little lot just before you went crackers!

Well, I wish three things for you for 2013:
1. Your medical issue – whatever it may be – gets sorted
2. The year brings better shit than what you’ve had so far
3. You get your blogging mojo back and start posting a bit more

Happy New Year

Well, kinda. I had this wonderful decoupage idea. I still have the idea, it’s a vision of beauty in my head of funky bistro tables. Now the difficult bit – putting it into ACTION!
Actually, I think I’ve always been crackers.
Like the 3 wishes – thank you and a very happy new year Masher!

Maybe all of the mad activity was substitution. Grieving must be inside, seems to me; but we each deal with dealings differently.
If you had all that stuff you would get ulcers trying to keep track of it and dealing with insurance, liability issues, pushy “friends” taking advantage, and just wanting more.
Hope your new year has many happy surprises — keep an eye out for them.

I think you’re right. How insightful you are and you seem to have described my life precisely!
I hope it does too and I’m looking out for them!
I wish you the happiest of new year’s too 🙂

It’s been a crap year for many of us, but don’t worry Jules, it’s over! I wish for you all the best Jules… may the coming year bring wonderful, amazing, unfounded surprises for you and yours (or a calm sedentary lifestyle at the very least).

HOOORAH! HOORAH! Thank God for that.

And Azra, I wish you the same times ten you lovely lass x

And here’s to 2013, let’s hope it’s a bit better and perhaps with slightly less furniture buying 🙂 kidding, one can never have too many stools.

Agreed Deirdre. There’s always use for the occasional stool. And table and chair for that matter!
Wishing you a bountiful new year with joy and loveliness.

Jules, I love you (can I say that without people being snide, gross, and stupid…please?). You are a wonderful, kind, dreamy, artsy, imaginative, and visionary being. I think you are enriching. Your life, despite challenges, will be a vibrant wondrous journey. Smile.


And I love you too Dean!! Awww, that was such a lovely bunch of loveliness to say about me and now I feel all smiley and happy! Thank you and I hope you’re right.

Happy New Year Juliette!

I enjoyed reading your answers (some very funny!) and wish you every success with your creative endeavours in the year ahead! (Hope the ulcer dies down too – been there and – ouch!)

Love the TS Eliot quote too – very true!

Why thank you Siobhan and the same to you and thank you also for awarding me 🙂
Well, I’m being very good and eating green food and no alcohol and despite the fact I want to slit my throat, I feel much better. Hopefully I’ll get away without barbaric, medical intrusion.

Here’s to this years words x

Here’s to hoping that 2013 is your best year ever 🙂

p.s. great blog!

Thank you OE 🙂

I found you on my blog hop today, and I can so relate. Whenever I’m feeling lost I tend to dive head first into creative projects. My latest: rescuing an old house.

I know I’m on the right path when I’m feeling committed to what I’m doing and less scattered…though it takes a good amount of wandering to find my way.

My blog is for dreamers.

Enjoy the journey.

Thank you girl with a new life. I shall go see your dreamy blog!

You need to update your blog, love.

I know.

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