An English Perspective

November 29, 2015 10:00pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 22 Comments

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She walks in beauty, treading carefully in her kingdom before she falters and is silenced by the whispers in the ether. Still, surrounded then by sea and air and land she waits and takes her vantage point. Like an armada, the dreams invade and take romantic movement in her soul; daring to consume and scrambling trails in her mind. The high top, verdant hill from which she stands, fails to deliver the liberty it once offered as she regards the waves crashing from one gold coast to another. The surf teases forward and ebbs away. Torment resides and bubbles, like the froth remaining on the sand until the frog emerges from the water; princely in nature and deserving of the touch from her red petal lips. Bold enough to leave his dukedom to deflower the English rose and taste the delicacy of her sovereign state and powerful enough to bring the thunder that sets the sparrow to glorious flight.


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This reminds me of me. Lovely.

As it should, you fine damsel 🙂

British women are understated. The white rose represents purity and invulnerability. The red rose represents unbridled passion and sensual seduction — the whore in bed and the lady out of bed. Women of the red rose rake your back with their nails as passion overtakes them. The white rose refuses to scream and acknowledge the orgasm. Not that I have any experience in such matters. I am merely well read.

Indeed they are. Or maybe that’s just part of their wily character. Sometimes they are both. It takes a great power and a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to make the white rose bleed red and unfurl her petals, as I’m sure you know, what with you being so well read and all….

Someone we know? Sounds vaguely Shakespearean.

Who? The English Rose? Well since we are going on a Shakespearian theme lets call her Ophelia or..Olivia or…Helena…or…WAIT! What am I thinking? But soft, what light from yonder window Breaks?
You know, her…whatshername…

Very nice Jules! Love it that your first line is one which Byron also used. Wherefore art thou sir frog?

Well of course I refer to Byron, Tracy. One of my most favourite poets and I often walk in the grounds of Newstead where he resided. My favourite type of mad, bad and dangerous. Spirit.

He’s one of my favorites too. I can remember being around 13 years old, lying in my bedroom by the window, simply swooning as I read his stuff and dreaming that someday I might inspire such passion. Mad, bad, and dangerous…good stuff!

Byron was a tortured soul and they secrete the most raw romance and passion.
You do inspire, Tracy and your work is beautiful in all its formats. x

ribbit. mah dahlin if only i coulda joined you atop that verdant hill. i had the worst weekend. i wish my lost weekend would have gotten lost. i found myself inside an ever-shifting castle as a tall fellow in a veil chased me slowly. back and forth we went, he’d kill me, i’d live, kill me, live, it killed me. it took a lot of willpower but i managed to get a diamond ring out of it. 2 billion years later emerging……………..or i wrote about that, same thing *)

It’s a bit chilly on these hills nowadays, my sweet. I got lost in a castle recently but I drank a magic Palinka and ended up in Wonderland. It’s a long story but I got out of the rabbit hole. *)

Who is this incomparable temptress? More than the frog deserves, that’s for sure! (Unless you were referring to Charles Aznavour).

Well, mr G.B – She may be the face I can’t forget
A trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price
I have to pay…

I guess only Charles or the princely frog from the water can answer that.

Too many metaphors for me.
You lost me after ‘Perspective’.

Haha!, Masher! Well at least you got to the title, eh petal 🙂

Very artistic. Love the flow of words.

I art honoured, Miss Crystalicious! And thank you for your blog/ book review. Looking forward to see who guesses. I’ll be on to comment later. Bit tardy as just back from a junket.

Did I mention I love British women? Well, I do.

Did I mention that you are a man of good taste, my friend? Well, you are.

Did I mention you’re the best?

Takes one to know one 🙂

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