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April 15, 2010 8:56am Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 2 Comments

Well what can I say?  I am sick to death of problems that are causing me stress and money!!ARRRRRR (small vented rage)
Let us not forget the beautiful and much coveted iphone that I have lost and still awaiting to replace, now other things have happened like this:
Small car had slow puncture.  In my wisdom I decided that rather than repair it I would keep pumping upand therefore save money until really really necessary.  However, tyre started to wilt quickly and I found myself having to swerve quickly into Kwick Fit with a breath of air left in my tyre.  Had to wait 2 hours (totally outrageous and am going to write to Mr Kwik Fit about this.  In fact if they insist on this stupid waiting game then they should build all Kwik Fits next to sumptuous shopping malls so us girlies have something better to do than sit next to oily sweaty men with nothing to read but auto trader) for them to tell me that car had 2 illegal tyres and would cost me £117.00.  Car is no bigger than a dodgem so this amount of money is insane.  Paid and left.  Next day same small car in for service.  Phone call later from garage to say that brake pads no good nor handbrake, oh, and windscreen wiper very very bad.  Cost to repair £395.00.  Next day decided to take other large car out so could take dogs for walk in the woods.   Only seconds from leaving the drive I hear a loud and very strange noise and car began to tilt.  Carried on regardless as I am arty not mechanical.  Made it to my Mums where I found car tyre (yes tyre again) had punctured quite severely.  Had to pump it up with air and drive like Jenson Button (actually maybe faster) to Tyre shop as air was escaping faster than the speed of light. Please note that I didn’t go to Kwik fit this time, I went to an independant tyre place as recommended by Mother in vain hope of cheaper rubber.  And then came the call……Punctured tyre toatally ruined.  All other tyres ‘beyond a joke’ illegal.  All tracking completely and utterly out.  Cost (after negotiation) £200.00.   That is a total of £712.00 wasted  on stupid cars.  That could have bought me a new iphone and 2 pairs of irregular choice shoes!
Do you think Chinese students are unlucky or is it me?


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Ah but you did get bread at 10p a loaf in Asda so not all bad news!!!! You forgot to add how much Noops had cost!! Methinks chinese Frank should be called Frankenstein!!!!!!

maybe someones poping your tyres…
but you did WIN THE LOTTERY x

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