Author: Jules Smith

The Fysigunkus Finds His Curiosity

One of the best picture books for children – What is A Fysigunkus? It’s a creature without any curiosity! He does the same thing every day until the Whippersnapper comes to shake up his Gunkusssy rules!

Thinking Inside The box

Just when you thought you had total freedom, I’m here to ruin that moment and inform you that you are incredibly, totally, and cunningly, very boxed in. Confused? Read more about the box issue here!

Loki’s Fire

Lokis’ Fire – Book 2 in the Red Series has now been released and is available to purchase across the globe. The much awaited sequel in this fantastic science-fiction adventure!

Wordy Notebooks

Wordy Notebooks! Bringing archaic English words back to the Great British Language!

Blast Off!

Ever wanted to take a trip around our solar system? Well, come with me on an imaginary trip to learn some cool facts about the planets with my fun rhyming story as we Blast Off on our rocket into space!