Author: Jules Smith

The New Year

And so it begins, another year of promises and do goodableness that I and you also have every intention of keeping…..but….maybe we’ll start tomorrow. Anyway, this year I fully intend to be as thin as Lady Gaga so I can wear white Lycra comfortably and without shame. (I’ve always had a thing about white lycra […]


This is my friends little boy in a Frankenstein mask…ahhhh…isn’t he cute!! Even funnier was when we introduced him to Frank and then Frank left the room and he said “Where has Frankenstein gone?”  Out of the mouths of babes!   On this note, trying to explain ‘Halloween’ to a Chinese man is incredibly difficult! […]

You teach me -I teach you.

As we all know Frank likes to ‘FOCUS’ very hard on his work.  So, I have decided to help him with his pronunciation. Chinese  do not have the “L’ and ‘R’ sounds in their vocabulary and therefore find it difficult to pronounce some of our words.  With this in my mind  I decided to teach […]

Lets be Frank

Yes let’s be Frank!  He is such a funny little man who is continuing to have me in stitches with his whimsical ways.  Last week he wanted to go for a walk as he found himself ‘drunk’ on the colour of the beautiful landscape.  His words not mine, look how expressive he’s becoming!  Anyway, I […]

Year of the Frank

Yes, yes, yes the rumours are true!  My little Chinese student is back with a vengeance and ready to work on document 3 for his supervisor!  This means he is ready to work on his third and final essay on business, written in English, in a competent and comprehensible way.  For those of you who […]