Author: Jules Smith


Yes I know it’s been a while!   But wait ’til you hear about the fun I’ve been having.  Lets take a look at recently for example…. I have a chinese student staying at my house.  He’s very nice but he is quite needy.  My only issue with him is that he comes home at […]

Where’s Barbara?

Anyone out there know who Barbara is?  No I thought not.  You see I think Barbara is a ‘made up’ person invented to completely test my sanity and rational thought.  It has been said that (allegedly) Barbara comes to college every Monday.  This is so not true.  I have been for the last 2 weeks […]


Yes I admit it I have been lazy and downright rude and inconsiderate when it comes to blogging!  But it’s like every new little adventure that I start – it gets all my devotion and gusto until something else grabs my attention.  BUT – Fear ye not!  For I am determined to continue blogging for […]

Help I’m turning into a 1950’s housewife!

Yes exactly!  Fairy cakes and with butter icing and sprinkles!  And also piped pretty pink icing!I don’t know what’s come over me I really don’t. I fear I may have been abducted by aliens whilst sleeping and changed me into a 1950’s housewife.  I spent most of Friday (pinnied up) baking cake after cake.  I […]

Thou Art

Back at college this morning and here is my beautiful piece of artwork to the left.  Great to be back painting and daubing and sponging and eating (only a very light danish pastry today, hardly worth mentioning really, almost close to dieting again if I’m honest) and generally having a great social chit chat! Claire […]