Autumnal Art Philosophy

September 25, 2019 1:10pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 17 Comments

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

Autumn’s here, it’s getting colder,

feeling tired and somewhat older,

Rain is forecast all week long,

To lingering light we say,“so long”

There’s no more eating out el-fresco,

Mince pies already on sale in Tesco, 

Summer has made a drastic exit,

Unlike the never-ending Brexit.

And that’s about how whimsical it is.

So, I went for a walk to find a bit of art philosophy.  Nature is man’s best medicine. 

What a grate idea!

Leaf it to the art philosopher!

Reddy at a drop!

As I was walking around the streets of England it came to my attention that I don’t have a puppy but in fact, a vigilante.  Yes, I am walking Batman…

And that is all.


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What a great SHADOW WOLF! Please send some of that autumnal weather our way. Thanks.

It’s Batman, LSP!

On its way! Please reciprocate with sunshine! 🙂

Thank you!
Living in a preheating oven has a sell by date… love Batman.

Yeah, it wears you down. How people ever lived in Texas without air-con, I just don’t know!

I’ve seen the “Bat Signal” in the sky at night. So this is what it looks like in the daytime… 🌞

Haha! Exactly, TC! X

LL was here.


This is not only a test, but I thought that I’d put it up there for giggles.

Autumn is the very best time for art philosophy and possibly for philosophy because things are dying or are getting ready to die around us in preparation for the long bleak winter. Circle of life, circle of seasons, death before rebirth, and all of that philosophy. Then there are the colors of autumn. And the arctic wolves howling at the full moon.


Absolutely. Initially, I wrote a verse on the shedding of the serpent skin, beauty in decay, and then death but then thought that wasn’t too whimsical and high-spirited for my readership. I miss my dark side!

I’ve got very good at howling. It’s the best way to recall my wolfit rather than shouting his name. He comes running from miles if I howl. Unnerves fellow dog walkers too 😉

When I walk the mutt, we cast a similar shadow… except my legs are not as long as yours.

The other morning, I pointed to her shadow and laughed “Ha ha, look at you, Batdog”
She immediately cowered, thinking I’d called her ‘bad dog’. 🙁

And that’s not a grate: it’s a Stanton pit, housing a fire hydrant.

As. You. Well. Know.

Awww, poor dog! So your bat-dog looks bigger next to you then! Far more realistic.

I couldn’t find a pun that worked with Stanton pit. I tried. Honest. 🙂

those pears are making me horny

it says Autumn on the calendar but I’m still burning alive! where are the flying winds? I was promised flying winds!

Jeremy Corbyn is a drain-spotter…just saying…

that is the perfect thing to do for Halloween coming up, you and Tex form a most formidable shadow. seeing that creep up on my sidewalk at night by the light of the lamppost, i’d toss my candy bag and run and trip over my Linus blanket!



I think I’d miss not having seasons – it gives you a sense of time, a poetic vein.

Don’t talk to me about MP’s – they are doing my head in.

I think Halloweening will be fantastic now I have this creature. I just need a long cape for myself to add to the lines. Good way for me to get more candy then! MMmmm! *)

don’t be pushing fall just yet Jules. The long cold winter follows. I am not looking forward to that. I am not feeling older. That is my problem. Perhaps I should look in the mirror and see that I am older.

When Autumn arrives I always think I’m ready for a fresh front: crisp sunny days, fading light, crunchy floors… I like the moody purple light of November and the magic euphoria of December. By January 31st I’ve proper had enough and it’s those months before springtime that really get me down.

Great shadow play. We are getting an early (according to the natives) taste of winter. With rain, wind, and snow, expected to return to normal this coming week. I’m ready for fall, but not winter.

Thank you, Brig! Snow already?! The weather has gone insane! No thank you! At the moment we have so much rain that my patio is a swimming pool. Hate it.

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