B is for Bait, Tackle and Temple.

April 4, 2016 7:42pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 8 Comments

IMG_0893OK, so I’m a little late with B.  See, thing is I got totally lost in the great outdoor world of the Bass Pro Shop and ended up falling to sleep in my dream boat.  This shop is so big that it’s taken me this long to escape.  I am now fully armed and back out on the streets of Texas.   I’ve just about acclimatised to the HEAT THAT IS MELTING ME and becoming semi Texan as you’ll see shortly.   Anyway, let me give you a visual on the Bass Pro front:


I knew this was the shop for me as soon as I spotted the sign….


Here’s my Bond boat.


Did a bit of target practising…

20160401_172824From up high in tree chair.  Yes, they have tree chairs here.  How cool is that?  And yes I appreciate the picture is horizontal but it’s because I’m on the other side of the world to normal and everything’s gone a bit topsy turvy.


Picked myself a nice pink shotgun..


An automatic rifle…


And a matching revolver… but then…then I found my ultimate weapon…


BACK OFF, MERRRICANS!  I’m armed and dangerous!


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my favorite thing to do at Outdoor World is swim in their giant fish tank. don’t worry, they love that, just say you’re a tourist and they don’t mind.

………….on second thought, this place has guns, right? so yeah, actually don’t do that, forget everything i just said *)

Oh yes, I saw that too! I ate one for dinner! Used one of their many trillion fishing lines to catch one. I dressed up in the pink camouflage so they didn’t see me coming.

A bird with a crossbow is much scarier than any bloke with a gun. I got away unharmed. *)

Cakes, we had a convo about guns!!!! NO guns cakes, you know what your like you’ll be all of a do, before you know it you’ll have shot someone, then you’ll be on death row, I’ll have to come Texas with a placard, trying to get Trump to let you out, not much chance cos he’s a bit of a male chauvinist Pig, so I’ll be stomping outside till I’m 80, so can you take it back please cakes!! Xx love you tho xxx

Donald gave me a visitors pass to do what I wanted cos he’s heard I’m not to be trifled with. I need to have a weapon here, Cakes cos I attract trouble. Forearmed and all that 🙂

Oh gosh Juliette has a gun. Puts a whole new take o armed and dangerous

I think that pic should be the Juliette’s French Perfume’s new logo. I might suggest such.

You’re going to try to shoot a cupid arrow through a cowboy’s heart on the Gold Road and it will stick with different results than anticipated.

Well, as it happens, I found myself passing through Augusta Road and this mighty fine cowboy crossed my pathway and I was all flummoxed and captivated. I took my golden arrow, and aimed straight into his heart. I only hope the poison has got under the skin.

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