Back Door Girl

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New song – New song – New song!   The latest lyrics from yours truly along wth vocals and acoustic guitar by Ken G.  Here are the words below so you can sing along  when you press the link to listen at the bottom. I insist you learn it off by heart and get it stuck inside your head and sing it to everyone you meet (and no, I don’t want any wise cracks about the title <—- I did that on purpose)  Thank you.  Nashville waits…


Back Door Girl

Hope still worn like a washed out rag
Waving half mast like a war torn flag
Maybe this time will be more than a midnight dance

Night time diamond, shining like a treasure
A one stop hop for a moment of pleasure
Maybe this time will be more than a midnight dance

She’s a back door girl with a piece of his heart
Another chalked line she can wear as a scar
With eyes wide open into nobody’s bar she goes
But she’s nobody’s worth it, she knows.

Cos when the morning comes a calling and there’s nobody there
to pick you up from the mess of your own despair and visions of the future
hang as fragile as her broken dreams..

Mascara tears as dark as self loathing
on a lace edged, kiss smeared crumpled up clothing
Maybe this time will be more than a backwards glance

Another black mark and a shadow of shame
So the feelings of doubt can always remain
Maybe next time will be more than a second chance
Cos maybe next time it will be about what she wants

But– she’s just a
Back door girl with a piece of his heart
Another chalked line she can wear as a scar
With eyes wide open into nobody’s bar she goes
But she’s nobody’s worth it, she knows.

Instrumental out.



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Oh my, this is fabulous. And you know me, that is not a word I sling lightly when it comes to lyrics. As a former “back door girl”, I can attest to the scars. You’ve captured this all too perfectly. Well done!

Thank you, Tracy. Means a lot coming from you X

Sad & Sweet…❤

Just what I was looking for. Thank you, TC X

Just a dash of Neil Young in there?

Oh very nice compliment and yes, I hear that in him! Cheers , Rick.

This is so sad. Who did it to you? Where can I find him?

Hold on…just let me get my list….Blimey, who knew paper could be this heavy…right..

Nah, I’m far too street wise and usually high on cocktails to allow such self misfortune 😉

I’m impressed by your endless creativity, Jules. And that’s coming from a guy who has known how creative you are for years. As for visions of the future… they keep haunting me. No surprise there.

I love your faith in me, Blue, I do, I do. Thank you. How are you my lovely, ace, amazing friend?

Same here. It’s what keeps us magical. 😉

Nice, Jules. Very nice, indeed. You’re very talented.

(btw: did you get the email I sent? I never know if they actually go anyplace or if I did something wrong.)

And you’re very flippin’ nice then, Sol. Thank you 🙂 However, I have seen the profound, deep and moving prose with which you identify with. Above is more commercial.

Honestly, if you saw me on a day to day basis you’d realise how untalented I actually am and probably wonder how I even manage to stay alive.

I did indeed, Sir!

I’m just gonna have to disagree with you, my lady. You write exceptionally well; and are a gifted storyteller. And, I really do like the lyrics to “Back Door Girl”. As someone above said, they’re “sweet and sad”.
I also know that you’re being entirely too modest about me wondering how you manage to stay alive. I’ve heard the tales of your wanderings across America; and I’d say that you show an exceptionally adventurous spirit (which most women seem to have lost).
I really am looking forward to your next visit to our fair shores. Why don’t you pop in for President Trump’s inauguration? That’d be fun.

Well I thank you for your lovely compliments they’re much appreciated.

Don’t listen to anything they said about me – it’s all lies!

Now that sounds like something that would make a blog post and a half! Especially if I can get on telly in the background 🙂

I love the bittersweet depth of this, Jules. Well done! Watch out for that new groupie, Solaratov, though. He’s another old warrior smooth-talker like Larry, and he’ll try to shamelessly use his beagle dog with the sad eyes to weaken your resolve. You’ve been warned. 😉

Thank you, Grunt! So kind 🙂

Ah, thanks for the advice there which would be brilliant if I only knew what resolve was….;)

O Jules, my heart aches for this back door girl! May she be treated as tenderly as King Kong did for Anne Darrow!
And then have the front door opened for her.

Nice words. I’d like to hear them sung to a couple of different tunes before choosing the best one.

Well, there aren’t that many gent gorillas around anymore, Mr. Bananas. You are a dying breed.

Yes, lyrics can seem so very different dependant upon the arrangement though I think he nailed the vibe here.

Wait till you see my poodle faker one!!

razed red: single cover

beautifully haunting pieces of muse art, mah dahlin. hand ’em over to Trent Reznor to cover, he’s the king of lachrymose instrumentals. sidepiece sorrow, i know thee well.

what a hellacious morning. got locked out of my ipad, google, yahoo, and instagram all at once. thought my online life was over, which meant my life was over. *sigh of relief, external from the rooftops* let’s wallow together, my sweet, i need a drink *)

Just need one of my weird black and white videos to go with it and —perfect!

I held an internal sigh for ages then. I nearly choked. Phewwwwww. I’m glad the waves are back. Lets have a drink, my sweet *)

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