Before I kick the Bucket

August 3, 2011 5:22pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 8 Comments

I actually hate the saying “kick the bucket”  However I have decided that I am going to write down my ‘bucket list’ so I can keep tabs on it and make sure I’m heading in the right direction to dream fulfillment.  Like a business plan one needs to know where the target is in order to aim in the right direction!  I’ve just got one those emails that do the rounds: “Dance like no one is watching you, sing like no one is listening and live every day like it’s your last!”  Well I haven’t got enough money to do that or I would be spending every week in a different country with a margarita in each hand!  However these things make me think, analyse, fret and realise my mortality and impending doom.  So rather than do my accounts (for I would NOT be doing those if this were my last day)  I am planning my future wishes so I can hopefully attain them before something sideswipes me on a wet Wednesday morning!  I have no doubt they will change and be added to because I have an enthusiasm for adventure but I guess we will all leave this earth with a full in tray.  Probably the only thing I will regret.

My Bucket List 

  • Earn more money (kind of necessary to fulfill the expensive dreams I have)
  • Win the lottery (Not sure if this is allowed on a bucket list but its going on mine!  Think positive and positive will arrive)
  • Travel to as many countries as I can.
  • Travel write. 
  • Drive across America in a ’67 chevy Impala.
  • Go to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro (and dance like no one is watching me)
  • Own an apartment in  midtown Manhattan.
  • Have a one to one with the Dalai Lama (see if he knows his stuff)
  • Walk the coast of the Britain (not when it’s raining though)
  • Get a body like Beyonce (better keep going to the gym then…)
  • Interview Karl Pilkington (and squeeze his head)
  • Write a book ( see 4 above – need the Dalai to still my mind and teach me focus)
  • Be able to work from anywhere in the world. 
  • Meet as many interesting and entertaining people as possible (travel a must then)
  • Eat at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. 
  • Have dinner on a beautiful beach served by a butler.
  • Have an Aston Martin for at least a day.
I think that’s enough to be going on with for now.  I’m off to put a lottery ticket on as I think I could just about cover all the above with a couple of million!


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pals and i were talking about Pilkinton yesterday! and about when he was in that carand they kept topping to get out and dance =P so he got out, pretending to dance, but jogged off.

the brothers in Supernatural drive an Impala across America to fight evil. They play hair-metal(like def leppard) and hard rock. Therefore,the car is called the “Metallicar!” =D

Ha ha! I love Karl Pilkington!!! I also love Dean in Supernatural and his impala! You clearly have th same fantastic taste that I do! A credit to you! 🙂

I think you will need to ‘cross a few bridges’ on your journey x

Yes! The bridges of Madison county … That’s a given!!! Xx

Travel under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice on a gondola x

I did in June! And I …sighed…

The Grand Canyon – without the Thelma and Louise ending!

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

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