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Bigger Blogger Glory - How to Write the Perfect Blog

What’s the best thing to do on a lazy blogging Sunday? How about reading? That’s always a good idea along with self improvement and taking up a new project like you promised yourself.

What about that blog you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know how?

Well, look at me coming up with the goods and killing two birds with one stone! You’re welcome.

A Knickerbocker British Treat On A Sundae

Anyone who tells you that blogging is easy probably isn’t a blogger. If you’ve always wanted to write online for either business or pleasure, then there’s a successful method to follow. In this glorious ebook, I will teach you the seven deadly steps on how to write the perfect blog from start to finish and take you on the journey to Bigger Blogger Glory.

And what are those seven deadly steps?

How To Choose A Great Blog Title
Content And Post Structure
Consumer vs Personal Blogging
Understanding Your Audience And CTA
Writing Creative Content And Not Boring People To Death
Readership And Followers
Social Media marketing

New kid on the blog

Hey, newbie! You need this book! And yes, you will spend the rest of your life thanking me.  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you it’s not very often that I part with my wisdomous advice, but when I do, it’s usually sold for at least 3 margaritas and a packet of Quavers. Consider my guide to “Bigger Blogger Glory” an opportune gift and the bargain of the century.

Been around the blog a few times?

Obviously, the hardcore bloggers that have followed me over the years don’t need this book but since when has need got anything to do with it? You should want it! I know you’re dying to hear what I have to say and who knows, I might just teach you a thing or two. And, not to play on emotion or anything, but have you heard of loyalty?

Stick a cherry on the top

Don’t do things by halves, people. Be a leader and excel in your chosen field. Nobody trusts an amateur.

The seven deadly steps to “Bigger Blogger Glory” awaits you  RIGHT HERE.

~ Available in kindle format worldwide~ Jules Smith


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Many thanks for sharing this, your wisdomous expertise.

Can one get it in PDF?

Who knows? I might try my hand at blogging glory. 😉

You’re welcome! I’m sure Mr. G has a Kindle in his house and can barely wait to buy it!

You should try it. I insist. 🙂

BTW: Happy Birthday, Princess! And may you enjoy many more. 😉

Thank you, Sol! I hope I do 🙂

The title is a classic pun, Jules, but have Americans heard of a Knickerbocker Glory? You made need to show them your knickerbockers to get them interested!

Thank you, Mr. Gorilla Bananas.

See, I’m already teaching the Americans new things. Go me. Knickers to that! 🙂

I’m not much of a blogger, I must admit. If I need anything writing down I get my assistant Meredith to deal with it. However, I have always been a fan of your writing, and since blogging seems to be the new craze, I shall buy your book.
Maybe it will help Meredith make me look more interesting (since young people now no longer think being fabulously wealthy and well mannered is interesting).
I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday – did you get the Rolls Royce I sent you? With age must come class.

Kitty. X


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I haven’t got the Roller yet but can’t wait.

I’m sure Meredith will love this book and your assistants should be ahead of the game. Not that anyone could ever make you any more interesting because being fabulously wealthy always keeps your peers paying attention. 🙂

I’m not an expert but some say the best bit about writing an ebook is formatting it for publishing. Therein lies another, er, ebook.

Bigger Blogger Glory will triumph in the marketplace.

There is pain beyond belief on that road, LSP. It takes years off your life.

I’ll start writing the sequel 🙂

Have the film rights been optioned yet? Who do you see playing the author?

They’re fighting over it, M. This is a Hollywood blockbuster.
I’m not sure on who should be cast as the author yet, but I’m thinking hard ass, takes no prisoners, sassy bitch type. Hmm…Uma Thurman or Kate Beckinsale might start begging. 🙂

happy birthday, my love! i let your wisdom wash over me every day. i do that with my milkshakes, too, use my pencils as stirrers. my dad used to stir his office coffee with his pen.

i was just sitting down for some magic-haddock supper:

wait, it’s morning already? i hate when that happens. you are granted Three Wishes but you CAN wish for more wishes


The Doctor knows!

Thank you, my sweet 🙂

Be careful what you wish for.

Total happiness
Loyalty and respect
Health and longevity

Keep it simple. *)

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