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February 8, 2012 5:30pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 20 Comments

I don’t know what’s happened but I find myself with nothing to talk about.  My creative juices have been squeezed out of me by being used elsewhere and when it comes to blogging today I am without news. I’m POSTLESS!
“How can this be?”  I wailed.  Will I become a dried up has been on the blog slush pile? 
I knew it was bad when I went to bed last night at 9.30 pm. Way too early for me as I’m usually a night owl but I found my eyes closing like I’d been sedated and the tea dribbling out of my mouth of it’s own accord.  Not attractive.  I was rather shocked at my fatigue as I was watching an episode of ‘Rome’ where I happen to be quite taken with the character who plays Mark Anthony and have realised a penchant for men in skirts and bondage bracelets.  Anyway, I decided to go to bed which is unheard of at this hour and would normally terrify me incase I miss out on something.  I slept right through the night and woke up like I’d never slept at all.  I went downstairs in zombie like fashion in my polka dot pyjamas, pom pom, boot style slippers and pulled on last nights furry hoody that had protected me from the evenings minus 10 degrees c temperature.  Breakfast was too much of an ordeal for my fuzzy brain to cope with so I had a 16” piece of gingerbread (that was meant to make a gingerbread house) left over from Christmas and a cup of hot ribena blackcurrant juice (ran out of milk).
Then I got the call.  The one you don’t want when you feel like this.  
No time to change.  No inclination to either.  Off I went, gingerbread in mouth, car keys in hand to fulfill my kindly favour. 
Most people accept my oddness so not a word was breathed about my bedtime attire as I drove through the icy streets in my jim jams and slippers.  I have to say that there was something quite liberating about doing this although I have been advised by a few people since that it’s illegal.  WHY?  Ok, if I’d been stopped and had to step out of my vehicle it may have caused a rubber necking pile up at the mad chick in her polka dots but other than that I don’t see a problem. 
 On my return I received this e mail about waking up and feeling great. Serendipity.  After all those hours sleeping I felt dreadful and here was my answer.  Apparently you put in the time you want to wake up and it tells you when to go to bed so you receive the perfect levels of sleep and wake up singing like Snow White.  I’m prepared to give it a try despite the fact it’s telling me what to do which goes totally against my nature.  Here’s the link if you’d like to be part of my survey:  WAKE UP LIKE A SWEETHEART.
Anyway, back to the subject of BLOG BLOCK – Here’s what I’m asking:
To all my fellow bloggers, followers, friends and mysterious others- your help and inspiration is required.
Please send me one sentence (in the comments section underneath)  that I can use as the start of a new post.  Any sentence you like – I’m even prepared for you to be mean and hilarious and push me out of my vortex of unimaginative hell and into a wild and creative abyss!  I will use your sentence to continue writing a story or poem or maybe it will bring back a memory of something to me.  I will dedicate this post to you for your kindness and I’m more than happy to reciprocate at any time if blog block knocks on your door or if you just want a challenge!
Thanking you in anticipation.  Now then, where’s my hot water bottle…


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You know what they say… no news is good news. So lap it up while you can.

As for a post… how about a bucket list? SO we know what Juliette wants to do with her life 😉

Thanks Azra! I did a bucket list last year but it definitely needs revisiting! My next post.

Better postless than postal! For someone with blogger’s block, this is a pretty darn good post. Great visual – driving in your p.j’s. 😉

Anyway, here are a few suggestions:

I’d like to be famous for…

If I won a lottery of a million lbs., I’d…

I have two regrets in life. One is…

(As for me, I’m checking out that link – Wake Like a Sweetheart.)

Good ones Beth. Looking forward to them! Hope the wake up link works for you!

I’d like so see ____ on broadway. I’ve loves it since…

The last amazing book i read…

My favourite family photo was taken in… at….

My dream vacation…

What I grew up wanting to do/be…

Thanks Cherise! Oooh my dream vacation……

“You must be wondering what my views on spanking and tickling are.”


“A male friend once asked me why women like stories with vampires in them.”

HA! Brilliant. Spanking….I shall have fun with that one.

I get this very often. Hot news , election , fashion killer, super bowl MIA flipbird,

Thanks MAMTC – I can definitely go for some of those!

That’s the problem with Harrods – it shows you things you can’t afford.

A sentence? What about: ‘I’m brave for MANY reasons.’

Yes Harrids makes you realise how poor you are! Thank you for the sentence, that should be an interesting one. Also thank you for the visit.

Hope this year’s Valentine’s Day has been a good one!

It could always be so much better RCB but thank you!

hey Juliette 🙂 dont worry, we all go through a phase like this every now and then.
hmm, you should watch Spartacus if you like men in skirt or nothing at all in bondage :p

here is a prompt :

“You have no idea what chocolates do to my soul”


maybe what you did or didn’t on Valentine’s Day. or just your take on it.

btw, i could live in polka dot pajamas. i love them. i drive in them too, sometimes.

Thanks Jaya! I’m going for the chocolate one!
I LOVE Spartacus! I own the DVD. I really need to see someone about this Roman thing I have….
I’m glad you have a polka dot, pyjama thing and go driving in them too. I don’t feel so alone with my madness anymore!

here’s a sentence you could use to start your next post: “twenty reasons why I cannot live without chocolate.”

Hello Hebah! That’s another chocolate one? I feel like you know me so well already! Thank you 🙂

Why did this come up when I clicked on your blog today….28August2016?
Is this something you did, my love?

I have no idea why on earth you have been taken back here to a time when I was even madder than now. You found a glitch! I’m very proud of you for that. I’m on it 🙂

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