The Malocchio of Bodie ~ Jules Smith

The Malocchio of Bodie


The Evil Eye “Malocchio” seems to circle Alonzo Augusta, especially when he arrives back in the town of Bodie to capture the heart of Estelle Winburne. But the girl he is sweet on is protected by the big men in town who are hell-bent on having the broody ‘Eye-Tallion’ put in the ground. Under suspicion for the gold robbery on Dutch Schmidt, Augusta finds his real friends come in the form of a black magicker, a dry goods sourpuss and a Mormon blessed by God. But can the unlikely underdogs win the day and save the girl when it comes to a shoot out along the gold road?


Sophie’s Throughway ~ Jules Smith

Sophie's Throughway - by Jules Smith

A unique novel that explores the effect Asperger’s has, not only on the individual, but  on the family unit as a whole. 

Sophie needs to find a way to balance the chaotic route she has been forced to walk down… a son she cannot control – diagnosed with Asperger’s and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), coinciding with the onset of raging hormones; a daughter she has to ensure gets attention so she doesn’t feel left out; and an ex-husband who comes and goes as he pleases.

At the same time, Sophie struggles to hold down her job as an interiors writer for a magazine. Her rambling house is in desperate need of upkeep – her garden is full of overgrowing plants; there’s no end of laundry, cleaning and cooking and there’s not nearly enough money.

Only wine, chocolate and good friends keep Sophie from tipping over the edge. That, and the mysterious voice of her cyber love. Could he be the saviour she’s been waiting for? Or has he been in front of her the whole time?

Told from the perspective of a mother who has to battle through life on a daily basis – fighting hard to keep her son in school, dealing with her marriage breaking up, giving her daughter her attention, maintaining her job and exploring her future love life.

Sophie’s Throughway is a heartwarming read, written to inspire empathy and compassion within the reader, as well as increasing understanding for a condition that does not have enough public recognition.

Available for sale as a paperback and an Ebook

Paperback ISBN 9781784623852 • £9.99 

Ebook ISBN 9781784625849 • £2.99

33 ~ Jules Smith

~ 33 ~ brings you a collection of thirty -three, flash fiction stories offering a snapshot in time and delving into the many layers of human behaviour. Each tale exposing the rich tapestry of emotion that we all prefer to hide behind closed doors.

There’s nothing quite as interesting as human behaviour. People are all about their public presentation and how well they are perceived to the outside word. But me, well I like to tear through those veils and pull out all the real human emotions and flaws that stay locked within.

Those of you who know me well or have followed this blog for sometime, are aware that I have an odd penchant for photographing doors from around the world. I don’t know why, but I find doors fascinating; particularly really old, weathered doors that have stood strong against the years and been passed through by many.

Some doors stay barricaded; some are always open; some hang on their hinges bearing the tattered scars of life. Doors have stories and so do people.

My new book, 33, brings you a collection of thought provoking short stories: sometimes dark, truculent or moving and at other times, cynically humourous. I guarantee there will be a story in here that resonates with you.

Bigger Blogger Glory ~ Jules Smith

Bigger Blogger Glory - How to Write the Perfect Blog

Anyone who tells you that blogging is easy probably isn’t a blogger. If you’ve always wanted to write online for either business or pleasure, then there’s a successful method to follow. In this glorious ebook, I will teach you the seven deadly steps on how to write the perfect blog from start to finish and take you on the journey to Bigger Blogger Glory.

And what are those seven deadly steps?

How To Choose A Great Blog Title
Content And Post Structure
Consumer vs Personal Blogging
Understanding Your Audience And CTA
Writing Creative Content And Not Boring People To Death
Readership And Followers
Social Media marketing

The seven deadly steps to “Bigger Blogger Glory” await you…

Available On Kindle only ~ worldwide

The Meaning of Life ~ Jules Smith

Book cover for The meaning f Life book by Jules Smith

The Meaning of Life 

Here is a book with answers.  A book that allows you to be intrusive with permission. Vicarious philosophy. The only self-help book you will ever need. 

What is the Meaning of Life?

Because of this often asked but unanswered question, Jules Smith decided to try and find out ‘The Meaning of Life’ by asking 100 people a set of formulated, deep and meaningful questions because collaboration usually brings about an answer. Jules came to the conclusion that if she asked 100 people a set of questions and analysed the data thereafter, some sort of meaning would make itself evident and we could all sleep at night.

Rather than just ask “What is the meaning of life” to those who took part, Jules decided to lead them down a path so that the final answer would come from deep within; both logical and emotional; a more rounded answer rather than something flippant and blasé. The 9 questions asked are all the same and asked to each of the participants. They look at faith, accomplishments, flaws, secrets and unfold a compelling story about each person. This allows the reader to delve into a personal account that they can empathise with along the way.  Some are very heart-rendering and others hilarious. The whole reading journey of this book is a fascinating rollercoaster. 

The participants who took part in this project are from all walks of life and an even split between male and female. They are all aged over 30 in order to have enough worldly experience to give constructive answers to the posed questions.  Some have remained anonymous using a pseudonym for privacy purposes and others have used their real names. Most have offered accompanying photographs.

The Questions Explored

The book contains a foreword explaining each question posed to the participants and why before finally answering the ultimate question, “What is the meaning of life?”  The journey through the questioning is just as important as the question itself 

At the end of the book, Jules has provided analysis on the data received making a pie chart for each question asked so the reader can see the highest percentage answers. At the end of which, the meaning of life answer is given based on the collaboration received.

This unique collection meets a wide demographic because we are always interested in what others have to share. We all want stories, particularly real ones. This book will intrigue a readership from age 20 -70 both male and female. This book is very different because it involves real people’s thoughts, secrets, failings and accomplishments. You meet humility, shame, and spirit in each entry. Raw honesty and the meaning in life. It’s a mirror -mirror on the wall – a reflection of us all.  You are not alone and will be able to empathise or relate to somebody within the pages. 

This truly is a book by the people – for the people.

If I could offer you 100 people’s advice on life would you read it? 

Well, here it is.

Winning With Words

Winning With Words

This book delivers the key 100 words your child needs to learn to read. Studies have shown that these 100 words are commonplace within all literature and will help your child have an excellent basis for reading books across the board.

 Each key word is shown in a stunning flashcard style with a bright, colourful background and simple imagery to maintain attention.

 All words are individually placed within a sentence to help your child learn context and structure as they move on to understand how each word can be used.

 Extensive research has shown that learning these 100 key words will help your child master their reading skills and go on to select books of their choice and fuel an appetite for reading.

 102 pages

 Available on Kindle (with pop-up text)

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Red Mist - Larry B. Lambert & Jules Smith

Red Mist

Legends endure for a reason. Sometimes they survive to impel our cultural hubris. Occasionally they endure because they instil a sense of focus on what was and perhaps a vision of what will be. They are always a reminder. When they come back to haunt us, things start to get interesting.

A couple in Iceland, very much in love, visit a historic site and suddenly he throws himself into a volcano, burning to a crisp in front of her eyes, and thereafter, it is always raining.

The dwindling North Sea Oil supply is suddenly rejuvenated with a new discovery, a huge oil field of light, sweet, crude worth billions. Exploration, drilling and pumping begin to breathe life into a faltering industry and just as things seem to be going well, the oil is polluted with radioactive thorium. 

US Army Special Forces operators in Iceland on an exercise are drawn into a crisis and as NASA withdraws, they boldly face the challenge. All but one are rendered insane and the memory of Red Mist turns into a quest for answers – that the CIA already has.

In Texas, a political fixer is called on to deal with a situation and finds himself completely out of his depth.

In England, a psychologist’s life is turned upside down as a skald makes a disturbing prophecy.

In China, aggressive experiments into neutrino research create a completely unforeseen disaster and portend a global cataclysm of Biblical proportions.

Just when you’re sure that you have all the answers and are confident that the science is settled, it isn’t.

Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon – Apple ibooks and more

Can be ordered in store quoting ISBN reference:

ISBN: 978-1-7399278-0-6