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February 27, 2018 12:02am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 33 Comments

Girl in Boot JuJu near tree

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday But Mostly A Right Booted Kick Into The World Of JuJu!

Today I am shamelessly promoting a new venture I’ve started because there’s no point doing something unless you SHOUT IT FROM THE HILLTOPS!

It’s very hilly here in the blogosphere.

And what do you need to climb hills?

Good footwear, that’s what.


Girl with boot on fence in Boot JuJu

We all know that I am ‘Queen of Boots’. This is a worldwide known fact. I think there should be a Wikipedia entry on this, to be honest.

Now there are boots and there are bewwwts. Everywhere I go in mine I am always stopped several times and told, “I love your boots!” and “Where did you get them?”

“Well, I got them from Schuh or Boot Barn or Pinto Ranch or Office or Lucchese or even Tractor Supply….”

This is what I say along with a thank you and a very dramatic hair flick.

Then eventually, the penny dropped. Took a while…

Boot JuJu

Girl in boots wearing vintage bad JuJu boot straps

See, it’s not my boots that they like but the magical JuJu I adorn them with that turns them into a walking work of art. JuJu that has girls salivating with boot envy and guys winking at the…I dunno, whatever goes through guys minds when it comes to girls boots.

How do you think I got on a policeman’s bike in Colorado?

If I can’t wear my Boot JuJu, I ain’t going!

This is how passionate I am about my bewwwts. Now I’ve seen some boot accessories over in America and in the UK but it’s very limited and not to my taste: It’s either too flimsy and breaks in five minutes, or it’s too heavy with chains and makes you look like Butch McButch. Not good. So, I started making my own durable and yet beautiful feminine boot JuJu which is how this venture came about.

I have spent the last few months designing, creating and bleeding into leather. I have sourced vintage materials, embellishments and teamed up with a manner of professionals for advice. I have cut myself, chipped and broken my nails and screamed my head off in frustration and started over. I have whittled down my designs, tried and tested them, and despite no sleep and food that comes out of a packet, I have made it through to the beautiful, bitter end. Well, I guess it’s really now the beginning, but here we have it.

For Boots That Talk The Walk

The .45 Boot JuJu Double strap

Let your eyes feast on my new and stunning online store below and marvel at the Boot JuJu on offer. Please spread the word to every female you know: share my site, my FB page, Instagram and Youtube channel so that they too can have some sass in their step!

Website – Boot JuJu – For boots that talk the walk

JuJu x


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Melding art philosophy and boots – GENIUS! I hope that you do well with your new line. It could be huge. You need to market it heavily in Texas and Oklahoma. There may be a certain sort of man that they appeal to as well.

Walking Art Philosophy! I love that, LL! And Thank you!

I have a plan of action. I’m sneaky like that 😉

Good point – these belts are not gender specific!

No one pound coins with holes in ’em? 🙂
Hey, best of luck with this. Something a bit different. I really hope it takes off.
I might even order some boot juju for Mrs Masher’s wellies.

And… I think you know what goes through a blokes mind when he sees girls with boots!

Oh yes, Masher, but they are on MY bewwwts. Tch! Can’t share everything!

Mrs. Masher’s Welliebobs would look cool in some JuJu. Buy her some! 🙂

Me? You’ve got me all wrong, you have.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, I thought it was Wednesday. It is in fact Tuesday. This is how tired I am!

Are you developing a line of rubber doo-dads for Wellington boots? I don’t know that the UK is ready for that, but who am I to guess. My sense is that you have a target market in the US and a DEVELOPING market in Britain. Go straight at it, take no prisoners, and we may be seeing the next bitcoin billionaire (a metaphor) right in front of us.

We do have some very nice Wellingtons in Blighty. People make wellie socks in bright colours and we even have wellies in mad designs! However, I’m a cut above the ole wellie and am set to educate the Brits – if you oil your bewwwts – they’re waterproof!

I never take prisoners – I’m 0th percentile in agreeableness, remember? I hope you’re right, Larry 🙂

One less vowel and you’d be the Queen of Bots. Ha.

Boot jewelry. Nice idea. And nice pics. Who took them? Me likee the first one.

I’ll take it 😉

Thank you, M.

I took them, of course! Doing more professional piece shots on Thursday with my photographer friend. Then they will be awesome!

That’s a great idea Jules. Nice website. Wimmins in boots is so sexy! Good luck with your new venture. I’m sure wimmins will flock to your store and make you rich! 🙂

Thank you, ‘Nox! 🙂

They are indeed and I just made them more so.

Men can also flock to the site and buy them for their wimmins! Just sayin’!

Clockwork Belts?

A timeless piece, Goatman! 😉

I thought of that too but I’ve decided to just stick to this one line at the moment. Maybe in the future!

OH! Goatman! What have you done to me! I’m in door heaven! Ugh…gorgeous. 🙂

Jules these are fabulous! I’m going to have to have the Azuria! Well done you, they are so unique!

Thank you so much, Jane! I shall make sure yours is extra special. 🙂

Beuwwwwtiful bewwwt bling Julesy.
I gave you a free plug on my FB page. The next one will cost ya.
I predict these will be such a success that your free-wheelin’, carefree travel days are over. You will find yourself confined to your cobbler’s shop 24/7, with only piped-in Muzak for company, and twice daily Meals On Wheels delivery as your only source of sustenance.
OR, you can always sponsor some illegals ( nationality of your choice ) and pay them pesos or £Syrian on the £, with, of course, unlimited spotted dick.
Best of luck with your great new venture !

Why thank you, my darling PPS!

I’m honoured, I really am. I like that you gave me a freebie for my first time at your gaff. I see what you did there, pimping the timeline. Now I’m addicted and will pay anything to get more. 😉

I’m not averse to meals on wheels coming in – saves me a job. And as for cobblers, we have two meanings for that in England: one is a shoe repairer and the other I’d like you to check out in your urban dictionary and come back and tell Julesy what you learnt!

If I’m paying in Spotted Dick then maybe you should be my magical assistant, no?

Thanks for all your support, mucker. You’re alright, you are. 🙂

Alrighty then, let’s consult the trusty Urban Dictionary . Actually, there are numerous definitions there:
1. A kitchen worker that possesses no useful skills and is considered absolute rock bottom in the culinary field.
(Maybe you, but that’s not me. I am a quite talented cook ! )
2. A police officer. Derivative of cop, copper. (I’ll have to try that one out at Dunkin’ Donuts. )
3.A really thick, fat, poorly rolled joint. ( cool…didn’t know that ! )
4. A crazy old woman that walks EVERYWHERE around torbay munching on her figs. ( Now we’re getting down to the crux of it…)
5. A large mass of one type of Substance. (Nah)
6. The greatest football team on the planet. Based in Northampton. ( My New Orleans Saints would beg to differ ! )
7. A contraction of 2 words for a woman who performs copious ……..OH MY WORD. JULESY WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP !!

Hahahaha! You got there eventually, petal! Luvs ya! 🙂

Hmmm. It is Wednesday in our village are you on a time warp? I know there’s a lot of white powder arond but………… Boot Belts are awesome. Vintage one especially. I have without doubt produced a genius!!!! Welll done

I’m now on Saturday afternoon. I don’t care anymore. You certainly produced something… I might have you tested at the doctors!

Thank you, though. That’s nice – Big hugs x

You’ve made cowboy boots, sorry bewwwwts sexy & feminine, well done my friend!
I now challenge you to do the same for Moon Boots!
Then body warmers ….. This list could be endless! xxx

Mate, if I EVER start decorating bodywarmers please shoot me. X

two words: Redbottom boots


Thems’ll be the best Bewwwts on Insta! *)

I see nothing but TRIUMPH in this new venture. Some may not approve, as they sip foaming beverages in their onesies, others will take a different route.
Ride on.

I like your positive outlook on this, LSP! TRIUMPH IT IS!

I don’t sell to frothy sipping onesie chicks; they wear crocs. 🙂

Your boots should be a big hit with the cold weather (global cooling) that hit your island.

I think so, LL. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! 🙂

Gosh you are so talented, we are not worthy. What a brilliant idea. All the best in this new venture sweet Jules!! xx

Azra..You are too kind, my darling, beautiful friend. I just keep having a go at this life thing, is all! XX

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