Change Of A Dress

July 11, 2014 8:33pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 18 Comments

“Knock, Knock.”……..
“What can I do for you mate?”
“Errr….Is Jules here?”
“Nah mate, she’s moved.”
“Well who are you?”
“I’m just the bloggyguard.”
“Oh….well…what happened?”
“She just decided she was going to have a go at being grown up.  Off came the frilly, pink ra-ra dress and on came the ‘I mean business stiletto’s.’  She brushed her hair, packed her bags and  left me in charge of redirection. ”
“Blimey.  Sounds a bit drastic.  So….has she really grown up?”
“Nah…she just thinks she has.  Just go along with it, she’s English.”
“Yeah, I hear ya.  So where can I find her?”
“Go to”  She’s waiting there with a nice shade of grey and a margarita. “
🙂 Hurry.


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The title is great. I love a clever play on words.

Do you guys actually say “blimey?” Or are you resorting to a cheap stereotype?

I do too! I wish I could have had a job called “Making up headlines person”

We do say it, yes! If we’re not swearing first.

ope you are not moving this great institution an all…

Well yeah…I’m looking at migrating it over in the next few weeks so I don’t lose my google rankings etc… But baby steps…still got some teething problems to sort out the other end plus it’s a bit sad ! 🙁 I really am ridiculous, aren’t I…..

No more jelly bobble?

To understand life, you need to know how to put on an idea or a way of presenting things, and then take it off again if necessary, like a dress (or address). If you wear the same dress all of your life, you can very easily forget what’s underneath. Most people go through their whole lives thinking that they are their clothes. I don’t think that you have that problem. Changing a dress is never a bad idea.

Quite right, Larry! A new frock always makes you feel better and brings about a new spirit. I’ll still be jellybobble but just evolving 🙂

does the bloggyguard get to wear a French military uniform?

Yes he does. And he smoothes it down with his long fingers. 😉

Now that’s a fun way to make an announcement! 🙂

Fun is the only way to leave…:)

But, but … why? Don’t you know this requires me to change the link in my blogroll? And that is soooo inconvenient!

I know, I know, I’m a colossal pain in the arse….:)

I should ditch the dresses too. Time to become a man.

I’ve considered this too, but I’d be lethal with a penis.

Haha! Love the change of a dress post! HI there, found you through Crystal Collier’s Versatile Blogger award. It’s nice to “meet” you! 🙂

Hello Kristin- nice to meet you too! Please come along to my new house, won’t you? I shall visit yours, anon! 🙂

I love… I-mean-business stiletto’s…

Innit? Me too. Oh the power….

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