Corona Corner #2

March 19, 2020 11:20am Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 16 Comments

wolf meme

Satirical Snapshots bringing you your daily dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.  Corona Corner #2 is turning your pets into Memes.  If you don’t have pets, use your friends.  Here are mine below!

It’s All About Meme

wold dog at window meme

wold dog meme about chicken soup

Jack russell dog meme about cancelled exams

uromastyx lizard meme about arguments

Jack rusell meme about teeth whitening

wolfdog meme about corona quarantine

Jack Russell meme about sleeping instead of working

These super-cool, home-made memes are free to use by readers of this blog.  Keep yourself busy and don’t forget…



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This whole working from home thing has got me all turned around and it has only been four days!

Haha! I wonder if it will change the way we work from now on? I think this could cause a new way of thinking about how we do things in the future. Interesting times.

Glad to see the Great Plague hasn’t killed you off.
I too am ‘working’ from home… and loving it.
We’ll see for how long.

Not a chance, Masher! I’m fighting it off with style.

Yeah, I wonder if will start to become a bit like Christmas and you get fed up with it after 5 days…

Tex is a Disneyland ride!

Instructions: 1. boil water………but what if you don’t have any water…

teeth whitened? white teeth? it’s not the dentist’s office anymore, it’s the root-canal office. all I have in my mouth is gold, bright shiny ting-ting London rapper gold


Tex is a wonderful nightmare. Pretty much like a Disney ride, it’s very up and down. Like now, when I’m trying to write he’s constantly scratching my chair and whining because I’m not doing what he wants. Dear God… If I had a shiny, London rappers gold toof- ting I might be able to flash him a menacing smile and get him to back off! *)

It snowed today. Maybe the last big snow of the season. And I’m not sick, so I set off for the old cowboy town of Prescott, about a two hour drive down the mountain (in the snow). When I arrived, social distancing was underway, but I bought a really neat double edged knife, the kind that your countrymen deem illegal. Of course, almost everything I did today was illegal in Old Blighty. I drove in excess of the speed limit (no traffic cameras), I wore a Kimber .45 1911 style handgun (loaded) in the holster on my belt. I bought a double edged knife, that I may end up blogging about. I also ate more carbs than were sensible.

While you were working on your (very cool) memes with Lucifer.

See, when somebody asks you what you’re doing, you can say with complete honesty, “I’m just going to spend the night with Lucifer.” Or “I’m going to indulge myself with Lucifer.” Or any one of a number of accurate, but disarming statements.

What a lovely day! You should be a guest post on Corona Corner, LL as I see this as a wonderful activity!

Currently, Lucifer is demanding my attention and I’m trying not to give in. Later, I will be walking with Lucifer and have found that this activity often promotes social – distancing! 🙂

It’s too late to say “be careful” and waaaaay too late to say “be good”, so how about take care of yourself so you can visit my new house in Texas later this year?

Haha! This is true, Bill. I shall take great care and stay away from people and the lurgy! I hope I can get to Texas this year – I had booked for June but don’t think that’s gonna happen… but, one day as soon as I can! 🙂

Be safe, Texas is just about to get… difficult, I think. At least we’re armed to the teeth and then some. So.

Thank you, LSP! Yeah – t=it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. We are all waiting to see if more restrictions come into play. So far we are just being asked to do the right things but stuff is open. Don’t know how long that will be so.

You have impressive meme ability. Too bad it’s a non-profit skill type.
However, I do foresee a “From Julesy” spot on my next Funny Friday !
p.s. Love Tex, but need more Kevin. Just sayin’….
Love Ya,
~PPS 😘

Right? It’s like talent central over here…;)

I do need to make an appearance back on FF! Leave it with me…

And yes – definitely more Kevin. I still love Kevin very much but he’s a bit of a miserable sod as you can see. That’s what I like about him! 🙂

Luv ya, PPS!

And I forgot to say, “Dogs!” And a small dragon. Nice.

Right?! 🙂

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