Corona Corner #5

March 24, 2020 1:09pm Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 13 Comments

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Satirical Snapshots bringing you your daily dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.


Well, that’s it now. You went and pushed the boundaries didn’t ya?!  Thought you were all on your jolly’s and went off to the seaside for the weekend and broke the rules. You bunch of muppets. 


Twice a day I am going to the supermarket to still find toilet roll a thing of the past. Snapped up in 20 minutes.  I’m starting to really, really not like people. 

Based on the fact that these unusual times might be a little bit trying I bring to you a stress-relieving remedy that gives great results:

Corona Corner #5 – Pack Up Your Troubles 

On your one trip out for exercise – take yourself to the riverside with a pen and paper.  Water has a way of calming the fires. Sit in your car and write down all the many things that are pissing you off.  Rage about them.  Turn the air blue should you need to. Write it all down on pieces of paper.  Walk along the river’s edge and release them.



Trouble – free

It really works and saves a nasty accident…

Find your inner zen and…




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(keep in mind that because of the location of the White Wolf Mine, whichever direction I shoot is the rifle range)

I find it more comforting to set watermelon out at known distances and shoot them, splattering them. The elk then come and eat the Mellon, so they’re not ‘wasted’. They’re cycled into a different kind of food on the hoof for whenever I need to harvest steaks. But then I’m that kind of guy. Sometimes I write names on the Mellons. Sometimes I draw faces. Cathartic? You bet.

Oh yes… I love that game. That’s going to be a task but unfortunately, I will be using my Glock Replica BB Gun. Whilst it’s not as much fun as the real deal it can still tear into a melon. I might practise knife throwing too!

Thank you, LL – you genius.

Great articles Jules.
I think we are all gaining a new perspective on things now.
If we are not yet at the end of days – are we entering the end of ways?

Thank you, Ian! Lovely to see you here! Hope you’re doing OK X

Well, we can only hope that we are entering the end of our ways ut man has a nasty habit of forgetting…

Boris: you people! you people! look at my hair, don’t you know only I can be a Muppet!!!!!!!!!!


He could actually be a decent stand-in for the Swedish chef! Love Boris – he’s doing a fine job in this chaotic time. *)

I feel sorry for Boris. There he was, trying to be a popularist, Make Great Britain Great Again PM when all of a sudden a bunch of bat eating Chinese unleash a bioweapon. Gotta be difficult.

Love opening infographic.

Great idea Julesy, but unfortunately all of my paper products have been ‘wiped out’ , if you get my drift.
I know….I can write all of my rages on sea shells and….Oh wait…the beach is now closed. 🤔
FLAT SKIPPING STONES ! That’s the ticket!
I can then use said skippers to knock squirrels out of trees and use them to wipe my bum !
Once again you have inspired me Dearest Julesy !
Love Ya, 🥰

See, now I think skipping stones is a brilliant idea! You could also write messages on them, like “Don’t be a wanker” and throw them at people who are refusing to stay in! This has inspired me to write a new task! But I always knew you were inspiring, my PPS! XX

Hey Terry and Julesy; It’s wonderful to see you’re still holding your own, M’Love.
Since there aren’t any seashells up here, in the north woods, I’ve found that squirrels work just as well.
Though they do bite, if you’re careful and grab them by the head, with your pinkie finger just under their jaw, you can get a good wiping or two and then release them for later use. By making sure you keep the bird feeder full, you’ll never run out of “Squirrely-Wipes”…
Stay safe, Love! And DO keep us informed…

Well, I’m definitely not holding Terry’s! ;P

Being from a wooded area myself, HEA, I can testify to this. They are now stocking them in our local supermarket under “organic”

Stay safe too, and good to see you here!

Well there goes the neighborhood, eh Julesy.
I’m afraid I am responsible for divulging your location to MooseBoy.
My bad.
Will you whip me now ? 😏😛

Well, if you’re gonna lower the tone, PPS, I may as well get the “equipment” out to deal with it! 😉

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