Corona Corner #6

March 25, 2020 3:14pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 11 Comments

Moss on bark

Satirical Snapshots bringing you your daily dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.

Corona Corner #6 – Up Close And Personal

During this isolation period, I received the gift of a tiny macro lens for my iPhone.  To be fair, it’s quite a decent little tool – much better than I expected and I have had some very interesting, and some very Ewww – not so pleasant, close up views of things around me. 

Trust me, there’s more than this virus to make you want to wash your hands more!

Anyway, here’s the thing – my task for today is to get up close and personal with a macro lens if you have one  (only a fiver online) and a magnifying glass if you don’t.  

Take a gander…

Wood end

close up of a thorn

Bit thorny

Leafy greens

close up of a patio slab

Patio slab close up

close up of tiny flower

tiny perfect flowers


ants close up

Ant music

close up of dog hair

Tex hair!

close up of dog nose

Tex nose!

Grass close up

The grass is always greener!

Fun right?

Take a close look at the world around you today and don’t forget to…




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That’s a new take on art philosophy

Up close and personal art philosophy! 🙂

Tex is related to Togo?! that’s amazing!!!

what I see: Wile E Coyote, granola bar, two red robins wanting to copulate, my cock before and after copulation, hardtack, your daily flowers, the beginning of the “Vasoline” video, brittle hair that needs to be shaved off, British cobblestone, grasshopper drunk with garden shears


He is!

hahaha – that was fun looking back at them all through your eyes! *)

Willem Dafoe! Dafoe! dafuck? the beautiful man with the teeth! this guy is a giant of an actor, he can play ANYTHING. his performances are SEAMLESS. we take him for granted, he remains mysterious and in the shadows and underrated. how the **** has he not won an Oscar yet!!!!!


Well, he should for Togo. *)

Huh. No I want a micro lens, dammit. Do you find yourself going a bit stir crazy in “lockdown”? We’re still free to roam the country but for how long?


They’re only a fiver, LSP! Imagine the fun you could have in bucolic Texas with one of these things!

Pretty cool pics Julesy!
As for myself, I would prefer a macro lens. I’ve seen way too much of what is going on in this world under the microscope.
Still love you though ! 😘

Yeah, I feel ya, PPS (ooh -err!) Sometimes enough is enough and we don’t need it magnifying.

But sometimes….we do!

Love ya more then! X

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