Corona Corner #7

March 27, 2020 10:39am Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 9 Comments

Satirical Snapshots bringing you your daily dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.

Corona Corner #7 – A touch of light reading

During this isolation period, I received a wonderful copy of the new Ladybird book from a friend.  There’s nothing like a touch of light reading to get through those dull moments and help us to escape to another world…

Click on the link below and have a laugh at this:

The Ladybird Book of COVID-19.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf

Have a great weekend – the best way you can! No going to congregate at the seaside or parks! Get in your garden and do some weeding with a large gin and tonic, and remember to…




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Another masterpiece? YES.

As this plague marches on, the snow is swirling outside of the window. I can’t but hope that it’s the LAST snow of winter. And here’s irony for you. One of my neighbors is selling me a large, deluxe snowblower, self-powered with an electric start. It’s like new and going at fire sale prices so – I told him, “SOLD”! It won’t be much good for this year, but next year, it will be useful when the snow piles up. Much easier than shoveling, though not such good exercise. This sort of asset shifting on a micro level is what’s going on here. Not much else.

Carry on, Juliette. Give your fellow shut-ins and Lucifer my best.

Now that sounds like a Larry machine! Here, it’s unseasonably warm. Very blue skies, sunshine and flowers! I’m thoroughly enjoying the wash of sunshine on my face. Getting colder by the weekend though.

Thank you, LL! We must soldier on and all that!

PS: Boris has it now :/

If so, save me some.

I have the best selection next to Sainsbury’s! Hendricks coming up!

Please be careful out there, Jim 🙂

amazing amazing work! Dick and Jane. you know back in the ’50s nobody chuckled at Dick and Jane, people called Richards Dicks without batting an eyelash

pic up above: Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving 2020…


People called you Dick and frolicked with gay abandon. Those were the easy days.

The Doctor has it all in hand, my sweet *)

“Ladybird” eh ?
If I recall, one of your recent ‘Corona Corners’ told the tale of you becoming “sketchy”.
I’m thinking you have become a quick-study artist, penned AND illustrated this ‘children’s book’, and this is a shameless plug for it.
Thought you could put one past Ol’ PPS huh?

BTW…I shall soon be creating a post featuring your new work.

Always Your Bawcock,
~PPS 😘

As if I thought I could EVER get one past you, PPS! I wouldn’t be stupid enough to even try!

OOH! I’m excited! I feel a bit famous!

Always my bawcock, of course! Love ya!

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