Corona Corner #8

March 30, 2020 9:53am Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 7 Comments

tree in the woods- close up of interesting bark shape and colour

Satirical Snapshots bringing you your daily dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.

Corona Corner #8 – Now and Den

During this isolation period I am allowed out once a day to exercise.  You’re not supposed to go too far, but fortunately for me, I live on the edge – yeah, I really do live on the edge…

of wonderful countryside and woods so my daily walk is the highlight of my day.  Getting out into the thick of it and being able to get lost amidst the trees is a tonic in these untonical times.

During these walks, I have often wondered if it might be an idea to construct a second home.  Who knows when the fury will hit you and it is better that you really are completely isolated so that you’re not a danger to the public.  Also, a place to have “Time Out” and get grounded is sure to benefit those around you and help you function as a sane and rational human being.

den made out of branches in the woods

Today’s task is to get outside and build a den for now and then.  Reach into your inner child and go for it!  If you are lucky like me and have your very own wolfdog, you can have him patrol the area from Den Thieves because as legend knows, the forest is full of ’em.

Potage Du Jour

Make a couple of these and take them with you as they will give you the energy to fight off scavengers and panic buyers who will see you as a sitting duck.

Have fun, get building and remember to…




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This is the thing. Lucifer is protecting you when you leave your home.

So if people get rowdy, you can use his power to back them down.

Or you can put on leper clothing and shout “I have the plague!”

One thing is certain. Cities are unappealing.

I like the sound of both those things – the leper protected by the wolf.

Cities are unappealing but I am missing the coffee shop, weirdly. That is all. And maybe the occasional visit to the cocktail bar with my friends. And travelling. I like to travel and I can’t. And I’m kind of sick to death of the same people around me. Very irritating. Apart from that, I’m absolutely fine.

I went to the doctor last night. at her home. she said I had the untonical. i breathed a sigh of relief and continued with my solitary game of Twister…

a den? might i suggest a monastery…


In a monastery, there are many bottles of untonical. Don’t tell them I told you – Brother Tiley gets very upset when I whisper tales to the wind. *)

I am so the French girl. She’s got it sussed *)

PS: My yoghurts are better though – that’s cos I’m the English chick – That’s like winning the lottery by comparison.

Ah, the fury.
I’ll speak with my, ahem, secretary about tickets for Millwall when this nonsense subsides.
In the meanwhile, here we go now.

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