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A pale pink English rose

Watching him flutter around the seed holder was a beautiful distraction at 4. 30 in the morning.  Little Robin Redbreast. Nature made sure we could see that bursting glow from your chest and we humanise it as it is our nature to poetically do so. Little Robin: your heart was meant to scare and ours to scar, it seems. 

Wild seeds on the floor discarded in haste for those more succulent that took preference.  Snatching at the tastiest lest some other flighty friend may come and get the pickings. Skirting swiftly after feeding to a nearby rose to preen. Her pale pink petals offering delicate layers of softness. Curled and yellowing slightly at the edges despite her face being a few days old. So heavy, her pretty head, that it bows low to the ground in submission while buds of her own family reach up tall with robust new life. Fresh colour. 

Summer at dawn. New summer.  The beauty as it develops from the dainty hold of spring into an overnight swell. Everything vying for attention and singing out its glory. Brighter, bolder. Softer, sweeter.  The songs in the air piercing the early morning silence. Such peace, such heavenly peace, though momentary which makes it all the more delicious.

 Existing silently in that moment and soothing tired eyes that should be sleeping. Tired eyes set to become weary with necessity in but a few hours. Bare skin traced by gentle breezes allowing an awakening at the same steady pace that the sun throws out her kisses.

Thoughts. So many of them. Each tumbling over the other for priority. Some amalgamating and forming branches. Setting them free without reprimand and being able to whisper them to the unsullied sky without even talking. Silent messages sent out into the ether with a hope of answers. Dreams released and untangled where nobody can snatch them and put them into files marked X. Impossible possibilities clinging to the hope of a new day. 


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My, my… aren’t you poetic on a Monday morning? Good for you princess. 🙂

I know! Who knew?!

Thank you, ‘Nox 🙂

Lovely Thoughts…Lovely Words…
“…and so where you are planted, Bloom there with Grace…”

And responded to with such poetic eloquence, TC. *ArtistLove*

Who would appreciate such a thing better than the very “Goddess of Art & Philosophy” herself?

#Glowing 🙂

Good Monday morning (at least it is morning where I am)~

Thank you for the wonderful images.

You’re welcome! Good morning! I think you’ve been missing a bit of Art Philosophy, Larry!

Just beautiful.

Thank you, Jane 🙂

That was very beautiful, but I’m confused.

Yes, BUT, it’s not Whimsy! Don’t worry, you’ll get another! And, it keeps you on your toes, LSP! 🙂

Very nice. You really have a way with words, young lady.
You should take up writing or something.

Thank you, Masher. Hmm, I might give it a shot 😉

The Muse has landed. . . and made for happy people.

You’re lovely you are, Goatman 🙂

Normally, being a Bubba and all, I ain’t into that foo-foo kinda stuff.
But hey gal….that was danged purdy ! Almost made me want to pick a flower and stick it behind my ear. I repeat…Almost.

Danged purdy! I love that! Thank you, PPS!

Oh, go on, do it for me…:) I think it’d suit ya, petal 😉

i was just about to capture with my silent ipad mini a robin redbreast who was peering through my bedroom window from perched the overhang shingle. I had to be very still and quiet.

THEN this happened, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s637-5A9Gro

the redbreast later flew back and told me Woody was his favorite *)

Haha! I hate it when that happens! This is probably ipad mockery – this is an actual thing. Siri is taking over. *)

Just for you Julesy. Promise not to share it with anyone. Also notice my wunnerful Florida tan :

Oooh, SEXY SHMEXY! I’m all of a dither now, phew. Be STILL my beating heart <3

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