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Youโ€™re so demanding. At least theyโ€™re fully clothed and keeping most of their bodily fluids to themselves?

I know, I’m a diva of the highest order!

You make a good point, Dean! ๐Ÿ™‚

is that phoenix supposed to be me? *)


I hope you gave Tex some bills to tip the pole dancer.


Yeah, and then he ate them!

That’s the thing with wolves, PPS. They don’t pay for anything when they can take it for nowt! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ignore cues. Butt in line, in front of everyone, as you cough and sputter, muttering about the plague.

You could be a modern day leper and go where you want, with people cutting you a WIDE margin. Take the wolf with you in case they voice objections, just to be sure.

Well since I’ve had it that makes me immune, right?
Face masks coming in now.

But I don’t want the wolf to catch anything nasty…

It would make for a more interesting wait if there was a stripper at every sign pole.

Oh yes… that’s have ’em all queuing for hours!

I might suggest this to the local DIY store.

Not much social distancing going on in that queue, is there?
How long have you lived in Toontown, anyway?

What do you expect? They’re British…

A very long time, Masher. I’m now considered a “study”

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