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June 8, 2022 11:22am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 10 Comments


Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

Warning: Things are about to get floral.

And that’s because a few weeks ago I went to the Chelsea Flower Show with my mother.

On the walk through London, the shops were getting their floral displays on and things were getting decorated for the recent Platinum Jubilee Weekend. 

God Save The Queen

How About A Right Royal Sit Down?

What’s Not To Like About Cartier Covered In Roses?

Here Comes The Sun

How Very Wonderland

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of those bucket list things that you really need to do if you like very beautiful gardens, flowers, sculptures, and being a bit of a poser in Chelsea. It’s incredibly expensive to go and whilst there a quart bottle of water and a calypso ice lolly for 2 cost me £12.00. I was unable to resist being a bit snippy with the person selling them. I mean, twelve nicker for water and frozen water? Outrageous. 

The flowers were pretty though…

Turning Japanese

Lily Of The Valley, Ma’am

And Sanctuary Gardens

Through the Tree, Through the Tree, You Will See…


And Lest We Forget – The Chelsea Vet

During our week in London, we travelled around and went to visit the area where I grew up in Hampton Wick.

This house is where I lived and apparently where my father ran and jumped through a plate-glass window shouting “Geronimo” at one of my parents’ house parties. We had a squirrel called Harold that used to knock on the kitchen window for nuts. 

We then walked into Kingston Upon Thames. I remember hating going into Kingston shopping and always got a bad tummy ache. My parents didn’t believe me and thought I was making it up because I didn’t want to traipse around the shops. They used to call it “Kingston Tummy”

However, it was very real. I remembered the concrete balustrades on the bridge and how sick I used to feel. Here they are!

 All these years later when I saw them again I still had a tummy ache. Perhaps I’ve had this evil boulder of a gallstone for longer than I thought? 

We had a wonderful time there and I think I may have got over Kingston Tummy after drinking an avocado smoothie with ginger because that’s about the sum total of food joy I have. As you can see, I’m taking it well.




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What a wonderful photo tour you’ve given us! The flowers are beautiful and reassuringly traditional. Plus we now understand a bit more where your uniquely off-kilter sense of humor originated: Your father’s side of the family, without a doubt. Many thanks, Julesy!

You’re very welcome, Roger! Yes, they were absolutely stunning. Nature’s art is the finest of all.
Well, certainly you can see my moral guidance might have had some impact! Love to you and Miss L.

Loved it all!

Thank you, Ginny! I’m pleased to hear it!

I see a job opportunity for myself if I can sell water bottles that I fill from the tap there in Old Blighty for 12 quid a pop. Actually I’d hire an inner city person at minimum wage to do the filling, and protect my outlets (cash cows) with wolfits.

What a country!

The thing is, LL, the guy selling ice pops and water was probably charged a ridiculous premium to be there. Still, daylight robbery.

Ah, but it is a beautiful country.

Love the topiary Corgi!

Haha! Yes, I need some in my garden of the wolfits.

okay you win, we have the Tournament of Roses parade in Los Angeles but that doesn’t beat this.

the Queen’s Jubilee was MARVELOUS!!! we definitely do NOT do stuff like that across the pond.

i’m calling up my abbot by lighting a beacon and telling him our Monk Garden now needs to be the Chelsea Flower Show.

oh it is so NOSTALGIC to go back to the house you grew up in, i LOVE when those deep feelings come in me. your Hampton Wick is my Van Nuys. i knew a Harold who used to knock on the kitchen window for nuts but he was a man…

your Kingston Tummy was me whenever i had to go down an escalator…


Of course I win, my sweet! Nobody does pomp and pageantry like the Brits. What a show! Still, Her Maj is deserving.

It was very nostalgic to go back and see it all. I think you respond to it on a cellular level too. I had a nice time, I did. *)

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