G is for Galveston

April 9, 2016 8:03am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 14 Comments


I’m a changed woman and I’m not even kidding. I don’t know what’s happened but I have found a home in my soul that is country cowgirl.

I’m a bit late with my “G man” post cos I’ve just got back late from an AWESOME concert downtown Houston. I can’t tell you about it yet but it’s coming up soon.

Anyway, like I was saying, I seem to have found something that reaches deep into my soul: Country. At the moment, I have only experienced commercial cowboy life which I like. Now I have decided I need to get myself to a ranch experience followed by a Rocky Mountain adventure. I need to get myself on a blazed faced, buckskin quarter and ride out in the country and stare at the Rockies and feel my own pain in the beauty of nature. I refuse to die until I have done this. If I like it, which I think I’m gonna, I’m buying myself a ranch and staying put.

That aside, lets talk about today which fortuitously took me to Galveston, Oh Galveston. I only did this for Glen Campbell. I know this is a Blog and not a Vlog but I see no harm in mixing it up a bit. I think a visual is sometimes more fitting, so here it is:

NB: To UK viewers – video only available on PC and not mobile devices for reasons known only to YouTube.  I think it’s America being arsey 😉



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Will a small holding in England suffice!!?? Xx

Awww…yes that would be great but you need to bring sunshine! 🙂

You’d have to drink your Guiness cold (and watered down-sort of like Irish iced tea…); You can’t get proper fish and chips; and if you want to make a trifle, you will have to make your own custard…

But other than that, I do feel you.

Blimey, you’ve got long arms!

Ewww…no. I’m sure I could knock up some custard from scratch but I’d certainly miss fish ‘n’ chips in newspaper. The sacrifice would be worth it.

Brought tears to my eyes listening to Glen Campbell and watching the Galveston Video!! (And I am not kidding!)

It was a lovely day, Teresa and now that song will always transport us there! 🙂

PS: Glad I’m getting you to speak my lingo! Not even kidding!

Are you sure it’s your soul being touched and not just a little gas from the food?

Oh is that what I’m feeling? And there was me thinking I’d found something magical…

I love country music! Well, if it’s Elvis singing I do.

P.S. G is also for GO check THIS out. My favorite lines are about you.

Hello my Blue friend! Elvis can sing anything and make it sound like dripping treacle.

I shall go straight away! Intrigued! 🙂

Slap Ya Mama, that means two things (Family Guy).

i really need to see Friday before i die.

there’s nothing like genuine real downhome authentic country Texan BBQ. so how’re the vegan burgers over there? *)

I’m sure Family Guy can make that mean many things! You lot have crazy makes for things. Funny.

Did you survive Friday?

Those vegan burgers are just selling out! *)

Took a boat out of Galveston one time. Stateroom on a small freighter. (Ship of Fools – type tub – but with an excellent cook)
It floated me to one of the nicest small wars I’d ever fought in.
A year in the jungle and mountains. Good pay. Good food.
And a foolish enemy.
Couldn’t have been better.

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