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August 25, 2014 8:21pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 45 Comments


My GoPro

So, as it happens, I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the random act of kindness man to send me a GoPro Hero 3+  so I went and treated myself.   How sexy is that tiny little camera, eh?

Not one to be content with just the camera itself, I bought all the gadgets that accompany it like waterproof remote controls, suction cups, a clamp and a chesty. It all sounds very S&M doesn’t it?

I bought all the add ons incase I ever take up dangerous sports like fun running or bunjee jumping which….. I never will.  This weekend I took it for a play so I could see how it worked.  I attached it to the outside of my car, put it on a stick, left it in the shower and most excitingly of all, strapped it to my chest like an obvious spy.  I have never had so many people look at my chest for all the wrong reasons.

Here are a few short examples: (Deliberately low res so better in small screen)

1: Road Trip – An out of car experience.

2: Psycho – A tongue in cheek, shower head POV

3: A Sunday Breakfast.

In the meantime, if you can think of anything exciting I can video that doesn’t involve me throwing myself from great heights, please suggest below.  Ta very much.





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You girls do love your gadgets, don’tcha? Cool toy though.

I think I’d like to see a day in the life of Jules – take us with you on an edited journey through your day.

We do! Well, I do at least. Can’t get enough of the things!

Well, I’ll see what I can do Masher but I warn you that you will probably fall face first into your dinner as my life is decidedly boring. 🙂

Nice Jules! Those were fun to watch. Can’t wait to see what else you do with your new toy. 🙂

Fun is what it’s ALL about, innit Tracy 🙂

I am trying to think of exciting things to clip it too but I think i’m going to have to do something daring and scary!

Yay! Congrats on your new toy!

Thanks Dee 🙂 You should get one then you can video how to make all those scrummy dinners and cocktails.

You’re a tease.

I know, that breakfast was proper nice right?

I’m not a tease, I’m an artist! 🙂 I’ve noticed you can say that line to anything and get away with stuff!

You can pull off the “tortured artist” routine better if you’re wearing a beret. I’m not sure why, but it simply seems to be.

It’s along the same way as being a zealot – (pick your zeal). Without props, it’s simply not quite as effective. Like being a Muslim without all of the equipment or being a Christian evangelist without a cross on a chain around your neck.

The GoPro puts you in a different category of artist in the postmodern sense of thrill seeking independent movie makers. In that role, you can be just about as mad/daft as you want to be and we must accept your eccentric nature because you are holding a GoPro… ;^)

So skinny dipping in a beret…in Whitby, in winter. That should do it.

I’m all for it, any excuse to justify madness.

See, skinny dipping anywhere in the dead middle of winter wearing a beret and holding a GoPro would not be viewed as the least bit eccentric – for an independent film maker. But I think that you need to wear the beret to pull it off completely.

Well I totally concur. That or my afro wig!

The afro wig might make a more poignant statement than the beret, now that I think on the subject. Being British, perhaps a (paste jewel) copy of the Queen’s crown – when you’re skinny dipping in winter, holding a GoPro, might be more theme-appropriate and eclectic.

I’m not the artist, only an art critic, and an enabler of the eccentric.

Crown Jewels, yes! Anarchy!

Larry the eccentric enabler. Love that 🙂

Is that you in the shower, Jules? The hair looks rather un-blond, although the skin looks glowingly healthy (as I’m sure yours is!). How about interviewing a few of your witchy lady friends on camera?

No, I whipped over the street whilst my neighbour was out shopping at Iceland and stuck it in her shower – silly bint didn’t have a clue, that’s what happens when you eat shit from there.

I will ask head witch how she feels about that. Shame i didn’t have it for Summer solstice, I could have shot them all dancing naked round trees but I’m sure something equally bonkers will be coming up.

Why aren’t there any people in the Sunday breakfast walkabout? Was there a nuclear mishap of some type? I’m assuming you’re aware of how provocative the Psycho clip is, right? You are my new favorite provocateur.

Ah, that’s because it was only 8.45 am and nothing opens on a Sunday until 11 am, except for Bill’s and Starbucks. Everyone else is either still asleep with a massive hangover or drinking red wine with God.

Well I’m somewhat honoured…I thought it was funny but now I have a title to maintain!

That begs the question…what were you doing out and about at that ungodly hour?

I can assure you there’s very little in the way of humor. Or humour, if you will. I’d better go have another look in case I missed the joke. If you’ll excuse me…

Well, my body hates me. Even though it’s the weekend it wakes up at 7am. My eyes don’t but my brain does and it starts to chatter and going back to sleep is impossible. Then, of course, as soon as I’m up I want breakfast PLUS I had a new toy to play with.

Haha! See! That’s very humourous!

I am not sure that shower scene is exactly safe for work. I’ll have to wait till I get home to view it all. Exciting!

Bathwater! How’s life? what’s happened to your blogging? I hope all is good with you 🙂

Nothing to get excited about, it’s all very tame and you can see nuffin, I just thought it was comical 🙂

the camera is sexy, Juli, but not as sexy as you. my favorite GoPro videos are the lion-cub roar one, the one with the surfer inside the giant wave, and the one where the biker does a flip and holds onto his KFC cup cos, well, it’s a cup full of different KFC foods that you can hold in one hand and have the other hand free, that’s true genius right there. i’m watching your shower video again…i want to see if you have your shower head set to Niagara, Massage, or Spray *)

Sweet Phoenix – I watched all of those and they are brilliant. The guy with the KFC has 2 or 3 GoPro’s and links them all together so you can see him from different angles. That is class A videoing that is, I will NEVER be as good as these people because I don’t do anything daring like that so I’m going to have to stick to oddities!
I’m afraid my shower isn’t as posh as yours, just one, boring setting, shall I send you my GoPro? *)

awesome toy! I vote you trail Larry to a club or two and get us some footage of those games he plays.
Meanwhile, that footage which included puddles on the street and raindrops on the car– that was delightful. I’ve forgotten what rain looks like.
Can’t wait to see what you film next!

Hey Jenny! It’s fab and I love it. Now wouldn’t that make for some good video footage, HA!

I’m not a fan of rain but I do like to video it and anything water related. There’s something fascinating about the movement and sound of water. It was interesting to look at what was going on behind the car but I was paranoid about the camera falling off from the wheel arches!

That is AWESOME equipment! If you’re looking for something to video, how about doing the ALS ice water bucket challenge, videoing it, and posting it here?

Innit! Bloody spanking stuff.

Done it back in the beginning but may try and think of another…with a twist!

Ah! Look at that crazy collection of gadgets! I have to say it’s rather beautiful. I’m taken back to the days when I worked for Black Diamond Productions and was surrounded by similar and heftier equipment all day. Good times…

Let’s see, my suggestions… Anything based around a theme: tear drop, purple, unhinged.

Oh that sounds like a great place to work!

Nice suggestions…I LIKE these themes. Very creative, Crystal, thank you 🙂

Now that’s what I call a nice butt! Looking good, Jules. Waterproof remote controls, too eh?

Nice heart
Nice Hi
You’re wonderful
You’re not broke, I hope…. 😉

You’re lovely, you are Blue 🙂

Yes I’m totally skint but who needs money, eh? 🙂

P.S. Dezzy the Dazzling Dezzmeister is crying… He says your blog has been eating his comments… So sad… I think he needs a hug 😉CLICK

Is my Blog becoming a bigger diva than me? Whaaaa? Ugh….this is so annoying I could cry too. 🙁 I shall go and see what I can do. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

Will it work…

Test numero 4

Test numero 5. Just trying out some variables….

Okay, I’ve solved the problem…
First I thought it had something to do with adding http:// but that’s not it. In fact, your blog accepts both http://www or just http:// followed by the name of the blog without www.
The problem is .com… You have to type the country-specific address, so in my case change .com /to .nl/

This is hilarious! I love that you’re trying to help me 🙂

Ahhh… Interesting! Thank you SO much my lovely Blue… You’re the BEST! Shall see if this can be rectified! (((Hugs x millions))))

If I were Shoes I’d say there’s nothing Jules can’t rectify, but of course I won’t 😉 Have a great weekend and be good.

I’m doing my best to rectify, Blue 🙂
You too my wonderful friend, hope it’s full of funtastic things:)
Me? I’m ALWAYS good 😉

nice bit of equipment there mate…

nice bit of equipment there mate – must have cost a couple of bob

Just a bit mate:) beans on toast for a few weeks ( Asda price)

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