Haiku Poetry Day

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Haiku Poetry Day

Satirical Snapshots bringing you a dose of Corona Corner!

Good morning isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.

Corona Corner #9 – I’d like you to Haiku

Let’s see your best Haiku depicting how you are feeling at the moment or dealing with the current crisis we all find ourselves in.  Leave your overdue Haiku in the comments, please.  Winner will receive adoration from this blog for 24 hours.

I’ve written four below so you can at least do one.  I insist.  I demand.  I simply MUST see yours.

A haiku

a haiku

A haiku

a haiku

Awaiting your entries with wild anticipation…



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concentrated mist,
a clear jewel on a leaf point,
a river begins.

Nice, LL!

Shouldn’t poems rhyme??

My name is Lynne
I’m relying on gin
And eating chocolate
I’ll never be thin

This is probably why you got told off at school because you didn’t listen!
It’s a Haiku
It’s Japanese. Whatever it is you are writing about has to be delivered in its entirety in 3 lines of 5 -7 – 5 syllables

So, do it again! 🙂

Ok I’ll try and be thoughtful…

Listlessly gazing through window s
Her mind travels back
Lips brushing hers

That’s very nice! 🙂

The laughter of friends
Still ringing in my ears
Keeps me hopeful

Doesn’t it…

Great work! Thanks, Tracey! X

My isolation

Reminds me I’m in need of

Some congregation

I too think poetry should rhyme. Happy Friday, Jules.

Yeah, I prefer rhyme – it makes sense to the brain.

Excellent job, James. Happy Friday!

Hopeless? I feel it
Though I know the storm will pass
Delight? I seek it

Well, I think you should get a prize anyway cos that’s brilliant! X

Enforced home lockdown
Everyone gets on my ….
Only 1 answer … ……

Fill in the blanks Jules!




I like this one because it’s also a quiz.

About time Haikus were back.

Waves rise on the Lake
A boat sinks to the bottom
All my guns are gone

Here’s another!

Soho in the rain
But Lee Ho Fuk is gone now
A wolf hunts Chow Mein

What brilliant Haikus! I applaud you, LSP!

These are SO good, the real, elevated deal : )

A Spring snow
Eyes open or closed
Breathing in and out

How beautiful, Rick 🙂

your daily flowers……hey you should number your Corona Corners like Trent does his Halos.

no that’s the point, a haiku should never rhyme, a haiku is meant to be uncomfortable, it leaves you with a strange sensation of punchdrunk cos your mind can’t quite settle on its wobbly rhythmic pattern.

all I want to do is fuck
with you, anywhere,
but let’s Burger King bathroom…


Haiku is meant to be uncomfortable.

LOL! My sweet, you are a master! 🙂

“Outside…we’re empty.
In Between…we are all lost.
Inside…we’re all full…”
– TC

It’s perfect – as I’d expect from you! Nice one TC X

Gosh I wrote haiku
Antidiluvian times
A precious sophomore

Ginny! So lovely to have you haiku-ing here! Brilliant!

Truly, this is brill!

Velveeta Golden
Bologna Fried On Biscuit
Spotted Dick Removed


A Government Sham
Alas People Duped Once More
To The Bars Posthaste

Just go ahead and announce me the winner Julesy.
Love Ya,
~PPS 😘

You know I would!

It’s the funniest for sure! Love ya, PPS!

Death Around The World
All Scared For Our Lives, Fuck You
Corona Virus

Yeah! Very powerful Masher! Good stuff.

Winner will be chosen soon by the most wonderful and right honourable, Mike C who often reads this blog to make sure all of you are behaving and not being muppets. Since he is an exceptionally clever and well-read man, I know he will choose wisely. (If you bribe him you might have a better chance, just sayin’)

Thank you.

Who is this wonderful Mike_C of whom you speak? And why is someone else using my handle?!!

As it happens I was reviewing a manuscript submitted to some radiology journal when our lovely blogmistress contacted me. This is a more challenging task but I shall attempt to bear up manfully. Results soon.

Much like peer review
But well-armed contributors
Stress level higher

I see what you did
there, such a clever response
from my random choice

Thank you, M 🙂 x

Because you insist : )

By grace of the Grail
A knightess suits for battle
A grocery store looms

Thank you, Miss A ( BTW tried to email you ten times – keeps bouncing on me)

That is bloody marvellous!

And here are 3 from Rick Guidotti below:

Forced apart now
The virus will make us see
Silver in the clouds


I did not know much
Of how I loved all of you
But now I see it


God friggin dammit
the best one saved for the last
and it did not post!


The city is quiet
Someday the noise will return
Enjoy Peace for now!

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