Happy New Year 2015

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Big Ben has chimed it in.  It’s official.  The New Year has arrived and since we invented time, that means it is so.  If you’ve already celebrated or are waiting to then you’re premature or incredibly late.



Here’s to another 365 days of bliss.  I can’t smile wide enough. Wishing all of my dearest readers everything you dreamed of, though don’t forget to share with me.


Thanks for the challenge Larry, it was harder than A-Z!


Love you all lots and  promise that’s not the port talking.  For people I’ve never met, you’re the ones I’d like to spend time with most.


Eat, drink be merry….


and don’t get your knickers in a twist.


Jules x



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Happy New Year, Jules! I hope the hangover isn’t too bad. 🙁

The message in your fortune cookie should have read “Your BUM will be successful in love..” The Chinese have a bottom fetish, so expect to have yours pinched the next time you’re in that restaurant.

No it’s very mild Mr. Gorilla Bananas! I’m now having a nice sit down and a cup of tea. All very civilised 🙂

Happy New Year to you my masterful, witty worded friend! I hope it brings you all you desire and then a bit.

Oh…Thank goodness…I’ve no problem with a bit of bum pinching 😉

My head hurts.

HA! Serves you right!

Happy New Year Masher taters! Hope it’s bloody fantastic and full of surprises 😉

qb: sup birds?
birds: alright.
qb: i’m the quarterback and i ate a quarter-pounder with cheese and i have food poisoning right before the big game but am i bovvered?
birds: no, but you’re green and not the notebook kind.

yeah, Doctor Who invented time but he didn’t lock that moment in time so it could never be changed and thus we have our present time where time doesn’t exist.

a new language for a new age: Inky, do you have something to say?

Inky: nuwetv 4t;rgun5 v5 m y 1`

Inky’s in the port again!

while all the cool kids were playing gin, all i knew how to play was Go Fish. that was very depressing for me.

crack open the fortune cookie into halves. eat one half and read your fortune. if you like the fortune, eat the other half. if you don’t, give the other half to the lawn gnome. believe me, that will come in handy later when you want to join things.

Happy New Year, mah dahlin, love ya. *on a hoverboard built for two* *)

Well what a FABULOUS reply, taking all posts and making an inky story!
I’m going to watch out for that garden gnome…
Happy New Year, my sweet Phoenix, love ya too and can’t wait for a trip on the overboard *)

Merry New Year to you Jules. I hope you enjoy the new 5.

I’m hoping to Fred but after having my Tarot cards read….

Hope you have a spanking one! 🙂

Great fireworks snaps and words in between! Yeah, Happy New Year, Jules! May your fortune be great regardless of that whole witch bit (do you think you should’ve showed up for the reading on straight Tequila?). Anyway, that was one major endeavor Larry got you rolling on, and I gotta hand it to you for sheer will, skill and efficiency! Well done! And now I have a challenge for you: go ahead, jump, grab the badge and write a chapter in The Beginnings Project. I’m locked up with work until the end of March unless something freaky happens.
Rock on Miss Effervescent-clever : )

Ooh another challenge! OK, Miss A, give me a few days and a chapter will be yours!

Happy New Year my talented friend 🙂

YAAAAAAYYYYYY! As they say down south in the USA, I’m’onna spred th’werd! And the Pope sez Bless you, My Child. And I say Amen to that : )

I’ve read the chapters and I’m thinking…..:)

Ahhh, I thought I could feel the wind of a powerful force capable of ruffling the firmament! Take your time, cool Jules. I mulled over Mark’s “Beginnings” for a week, it was so packed with footholds and angles. Whatever you come up with, I know it will be extraordinary : )

We have a new year ahead of us, Jules. We need to make the most of it, but for the life of me, I don’t really know what that means. (maybe I have too many layers – thus I’m dense)

Doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you would seem to be a good place to start.

Have you recovered from your New Year’s Eve walk about?

I don’t believe I ever recover from anything!

I think that’s a very good start, except I’m not buying anyone a GoPro, Macbook or new DSLR. Instead I shall smother them with kindness, entertain them with stories and leave them wobbling in my effervescent wake!
Happy New year, Mr. Larry 🙂

Since I and the rest of your readers bob like buoys in your wake, I think that may be good enough.

As for me, a New Years Resolution – no more buying condos and BMWs for women on a whim.

Whoa hold on a minute…..you should make exceptions for the needy. I for one, could do with a condo to keep my gadgets in and a BMW to strap my GoPro to….;)

You need to read my blog post going up on Monday – ran into a French person…tell me if I handled it properly.

Can’t wait!

Happy New Years Jules! Wishing you happiness, loads of laughter, for you to be surrounded by people who love you, and success. Thanks for taking us all with you on your night’s journey.

Thank you Tracy, what a lovely message. I hope that comes true and back at ya tenfold, my lovely xx

Holy smokes. You are so lucky. I would just die to spend New Years Eve in London. I’ve had a bunch of NYE’s in New York and those are nice enough but to be in London would really make me happy. If that ever happens I might have to stop complaining.

Happy New Year to you, little flower. Onward through the fog and all. Thanks for this string of posts. They made me strangely melancholy. Now, why do you suppose that happened? Was that your intent?

Holy smokes are bad for you, they have more milligrams of tar so you get to Heaven quicker. Stick to regular.

Happy New Year to you too, petal. Hope it is filled with utter delight.

Yes, it was intentional and I’m glad you felt it. I like readers who feel. And if I feel melancholy then it’s only fair that you lot do too. This is a club – all for one! 🙂

Awesome fireworks. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great year. I plan to. 🙂
Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

And I hope you do Debbie 🙂 with bells on!

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