Harley In Houston

June 9, 2016 6:56pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 14 Comments

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After sitting on that coppers bike in Denver I felt the need to ride.

Along comes Len, who not only has a penchant for awesome muscle cars but owns a beautiful Harley Davidson.

“Well I need to go on it,”  I said.

“And I need a back seat bitch,”  he replied.

Beautiful unity…

The sun came out after lashings of rain and off we went in as the sun set across the Texan sky until we ended up at a biker bar with cold beer and a taco van.  The perfect evening.

I had such a fun time riding those highways with my hair blown’ in the wind that it inspired me to make a biker bitch video below.

Another adventure checked off the list.



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Too Cool

TC =Too Cool. Why thank you, TC! 🙂

Heavy Metal THUNDER – Born to be Wild!

Fire all of your guns at once, LL! 🙂

It’s big, black and shiny, Jules, but I still think you’re too sexy for it. 😉 All that make-up and tarting yourself up for a little trundle around town! Doesn’t Len ride any place where he can make his hog sweat?

Good point, MR. Gorilla Bananas. We did go fast on the freeways but I couldn’t video then incase I fell off! Plus couldn’t see past my hair. 🙂

Nice chapeau.

It’s not as cool as my cowboy hat but fairly fetching for a piss pot style, German looking helmet 🙂

Daughter of Anarchy! riding bitch is the best, i’ve done it many times in my life, sometimes without a motorcycle. *internal sigh* always the bridesmaid…


^riding witch


Just a twitch of the nose is all I need and watch that Harley fly! *)

Wow! Cool.
I won’t make the obvious crass joke… much as I want to 😉

Mrs M hasn’t ridden bitch since we had kids. I think i’m close to weaning her back on to it though.
I hope so… it gets lonely sometimes.

But…that’s so unlike you…:)

Get rid of the kids and she’ll be bored and want to be your bitch again. I can imagine the loneliness but that’s what I’d like about it. On yer bike!

Glad you got some open air road time, Jules! You rebel! Me and Gruntessa don’t ride, but we did take our blue roadster down to Telluride when we saw you last. Top down, all the way. Wind in her hair. Sun on my scalp. Ahhhh, feels good to get a little sunburn.

Convertibles are wonderful for that. In my land, they’re great for about 2 days a year. They offer a great sense of freedom but much more protection. Apart from the scalp burn! 🙂

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