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My name is Jules and I’m an antihistamine abuser.  There, I said it.  And before you scoff, let me tell you that Piriton is not given the class A attention it deserves.  This stuff is knockout and I mean, literally.

It came to my attention, a few years back after a summer sneezing issue, that this stuff is the best sleeping aid ever.  Just two spoonfuls of this delicious nectar before bedtime and I am solid gone. Upon awaking, I feel a bit foggy from its after effects but then since I usually feel like that 90% of the time, it isn’t really a problem.  This simple solution has become my all time solution.  Here’s why:

I’m not a good sleeper.

1:  I hate the relationship I have with my my pillows.

2:  As soon as I lay down in my bed my brain goes into overdrive and will NOT stop chattering.

3: I am an actual living nightmare.  I often do odd things when I sleep, like:  Get up at 3 am in a major panic about being late for work, get fully dressed and then wake up and realise it’s 3 am and I’m just mad.

4: I talk in my sleep and have also been known to sit bolt upright, scream my head off and lay back down again.

5: I have hit people and said dreadful things to them and made them scared.  Many people who have shared bed space with me are reluctant to do so again.


Piriton stops this happening.


The secondary benefits to this medicine are as follows:

1: I stop sneezing in beautiful, British summertime.

2: It alleviates other allergies that pop up like being allergic to certain wines – I know!  What a hideous ordeal.   Now I am able to drink whatever I choose and stop it from making me sneeze. Win.

However, I have a colleague who is a kinesiologist. I hear ya, what’s one of those?  I know.  For some reason, mystical people with bonkers jobs and supernatural beliefs seem to flock to me and want to be my friend.  I think it’s because I am a good candidate for experiments.  Said woman chose to use me as a guinea pig and practiced her kinetic business on me by pressing on my arm…..?

“You are allergic to wine and chocolate.  You must not have these anymore.”

“PFFFT!  What?  Don’t be RIDICULOUS.”  I scoffed.  “These are my body’s staples, lady.  Without them, it would go into shock.”

“I’m serious.  Have you ever experienced a red flushing when imbibing wine?”

“Erm…yeah a bit but I just thought that was because I was sexually attracted to the bottle.”

“And any sneezing?” She continued, gloating.

“Occasionally…but I have Piriton to alleviate such symptoms.” Get out of that one, psychobabbler.

“That is just a mask and not treating the real issue.  The things that we really crave are usually the things that are not good for us.”

“Alright, Spock. I’m NOT giving up wine and chocolate.   My body is my temple and my temple rocks hardcore with a nice balance of fruit smoothies and noxious toxins. Now get out of my aura, Ms. Charlatan Doomsdayer!”


I didn’t listen because, obviously, I know best.  But the other night I had but two, small glasses of pink vino outside in the garden because the weather is pretty bloody spanking at the minute.  I then went to bed and woke sometime later with snuffles.  Now, I keep my Piriton on my dresser, next to my bed.  Without turning on the light I scrambled around for the bottle.  Got it, now, where’s the damn spoon?  Couldn’t feel it anywhere and didn’t want to put on the light because then I’d become wide awake. Hmmm….maybe I left it in the bathroom…but I didn’t want to get up because, again, I’d then want to party.  Oh I’ll just sup it straight from the bottle, I thought, I can tell how much 10 ml is…I’m a seasoned pro.  I started to gently tip it into my mouth.  Nothing. Maybe I’d run out, OH MY GOD.  I tipped further and then got annoyed and went for it.  Out it gushed like a treacle river, dribbling down my chin and all sorts.  There must have been half a cups worth in my mouth.  Well what was I supposed to do? Naturally, I swallowed it.

Have you ever OD’d on antihistamine? I did that two days ago and I’ve only just woken up.



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Well damn…there are loads of things that must not be good for me. I also crave wine, and good beer. Nope, can’t say I’ve ever OD’d on antihistimine but it doesn’t sound fun. I have a weird relationship with Benadryl, which might be the same thing as what you’re talking about in the UK…as we often have different names for the same stuff. Anyway, it knocks most people out. Me? Makes me all jittery and wired. I’m a weird one that way.

As for mystical people flocking to you and wanting to be your friend. I have my own theory on why. I think it’s because you are a wild, creative spirit. We mystical people like wild and creative. 😀

Best get going…time to go buy some wine!

Hey Tracy 🙂 Hmmm.. Benadryl….I shall look that up!
I get all bonkers on, would you believe, rescue remedy by Bach – flowers. Seriously. Flowers.

I think you should ask the goddess Deva what she thinks. I KNOW she’d want me to drink wine! Lets clink virtual glasses x

Deva definitely wants you to drink wine! She thinks that you should enjoy yourself as much as possible. *clink*

I totally believe you on the Bach flower remedies…I’ve heard others say that they don’t agree with them either.

I KNEW she would! I love her 🙂

Ah, I remember you telling me about your pillow issues! I reckon you need a session of ape yoga , Jules. Your body would be so stretched out that you’d sleep with your head on a log.

I hope your magic potion doesn’t stop you from sneezing altogether. The occasional sneeze is enjoyable, and if a sneeze you’re anticipating doesn’t come, the feeling of anticlimax is huge. I’m pretty sure a woman once compared sneezes with orgasms, but I can’t be bothered to google such idle chatter.

Mr. Gorilla Bananas – You’re right. You’ve known about my pillow issues for years. I believe you suggested a hammock. Maybe that combined with ape yoga would be just the thing.
Well I’m going to google it! (You knew I would)

i’m very naive in the ways of the world, i don’t know what things are and do. i always thought robotripping meant going on a space journey with a robot, like Bender from Futurama. the whole process of sleeping is a nightmare, pun intended: there’s the Paranormal Activity sleepwalking, the bother of having to write in a pristine green dream journal, and of course when your mind wakes up before your body…

Sweet Phoenix, it really is a nightmare! I forgot about the sleep apnea part…God I hate that. Whats wrong with us? Never write that in the green journal. *)

Calpol is good for that too. A pint of that and I’m out for the night.

I’m sure the occasional spoonful of antihistamine syrup is fine, but I’m not sure you should be taking it as regular as what you say. Perhaps you should seek help?
Give AAA a ring before it’s too late.

Oh…so not AA autoroute – a straight road to rehab, but Antihistamine Abusers Anonymous! There isn’t one…I vote myself chair!

There’s an over-the-counter sleeping aid here in the U.S. called ZzzQuil, from the makers of NyQuil. It’s mostly alcohol. It really works! I use it sparingly because I love it so much.

You should learn to meditate. It helps calm your brain.

I need this! So I’ll just have to take another trip to the States for medicinal purposes. Your medicine is way more edgy than ours.

I’ve tried. My brain is a spiteful git than circumvent any process.

I have similar issues with insomnia, but I have never resorted to drugs. I used to have an addiction to Panadol I think. Or at least I nearly did.

I don’t normally use anything until I’m at my wits end, then….bring it on. If I feel over tired or ill I’ll take anything to make it stop.

Grrr, just tried to post a comment and lost it with the OpenID identification whatsit. So sorry if this is a repeat, but to summarize what I’d tried saying before:

1. Holy carp, you didn’t really down half a cup and sleep for two days, didja???
2. I have a getting-to-sleep problem too. In the US, Benadryl serves the same purpose as your Piriton (I think most of our over the counter sleep aids have the same active ingredient as Benadryl).
3. Thank Goth for drugs that allow a gal to drink wine and eat chocolate, else WTF point is there in living?

I did drink half a cup, yes…but I didn’t sleep for two days, just walked round like a zombie…ugh.

Yes, this Benadryl keeps popping up as a good contender for my self medication cabinet!

Exactly, Mina! As if a girl could live without such things.

I thought everything on your first list was simply the mark of genius. Hmph. Well, I’m glad you’re up anyway, witty and sassy as ever. I think if I took just two times the recommended dose of any antihistamine, it’d land me in A&E. I swing the other way as you, need handfuls of Vivarin (edgier Pro Plus) to keep me from falling asleep on my feet. But I’m with you on the vino front. Anyone standing in the way of the stuff is ripe for an ass kicking. Trouble is, one Vivarin must be taken with the first glass of wine and then as needed if serious partying is going on. What a mess! Blame it all on global warming, I say.

Miss A! Maybe I should have some of this Vivarian to slap me out of the Piriton coma?

A life without wine. Can you imagine? How is one supposed to get hammered with class?

I blame it all on global warming and TV dinners.

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