Jessie Slay

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Jessie Slay

The first time I saw Jessie Slay was when I sat fishing down at Eagle Lake,
Catching catfish for my momma on a hot spring day with my friend Jake.
She wore an old slouch hat, torn Levis and some worn out tawny boots,
As she wandered through the long grass pulling bluebonnets from their roots.
And then she sat down next to me and without asking drank from my canteen,
There was something ’bout that girl that I had never felt before or seen.

That Texan day turned into many more and into summer loving too,
Her eyes were smokey mountain deep, her hair a golden kinda sunshine hue,
She rode her dapple grey bareback and splashed around Croushatta Creek,
And whispered stories in my ear as we lay on a blanket cheek to cheek.
And though she didn’t say much about herself and the way she hid her inner pain,
That girl became a needed sickness, running like a river through my veins.

My momma said to me ‘It’s time you found a proper girl and settled down,
There’s so many pretty ones with nicer ways a-waitin’ company in this town.
That Jessie’s father lost his faith in God and lost his mind to whiskey too,
And that her mama gives herself to other men and, well, that just won’t do.
That Jessie girl aint right, that’s what folks say, and you can understand why,
She has the freedom of the wind which isn’t good, so time to say goodbye.’

I spent the evening contemplating mommas words inside my worried head,
And how my poppa reinforced her sentiments and must do what she said.
Next morning I rode out of Hollow Ranch to ask that girl if she’d stay mine,
And If I turned my back on kin for her she’d take me free without a dime.
When I reached the crooked Cypress tree where Jessie Slay would always be,
Instead of her, a crumpled note pinned on the trunk was what awaited me.

She wrote, ‘Now Spring and Summer’s passed us by I think it’s time for me to go,
I don’t quite fit right in this talking town and Colorado County aint my show.
I wish you happiness and love in life and please don’t ever get me wrong,
The precious moments I spent here with you will stay in my heart all life long.’
I leaned against that tree with heavy heart and begged the Lord to turn back time,
And let my Jessie know I love her and how much I want her to be mine.



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Oh nooooo, he would have gone after her tho!! Wouldn’t he? Xx

*smiles* it’s just like my door stories all over again. I don’t know Lainey, I’m just the story teller 🙂

Even someone who doesn’t chase after anyone has to make exception when it’s right…

He’ll probably settle with a nice girl in town, take over the ranch, have a ton of kids and be moderately content from a security point of view but never sated. Never.

You’ve done it again, I want the happy end pleeeeeeeease

Oh for the love of mercy, you soppy lot! 😉

‘Aint no such things as happy endings Ma’am! Since when did happy and ending ever fit together? And how many country lyrics or songs do you know of that aren’t drowning in sorrow, eh? That’s why it works for me. I’m down with melancholy!

Jessie Slay, Jessie Slay, what will the clouds tell you today?
They drift, form and reform against a bright blue sky,
They’re flowers, then angles, then dragons floating by.

Jessie Slay, Jessie Slay, there’s boys a plenty, or so they say.
The horse riding type are strong and brave,
The preacher variety are quick to save.

Jessie Slay, Jessie Slay, don’t decide too quick, they say.
Don’t pin that note that old tree, for that young boy to see,
Don’t take flight at the end of light.

Kerr-Ching! Now that’s what I call a cracking comment, Larry! Nicely done.

Jessie Slay, Jessie Slay, you mark them words that Larry says,
And missy try to keep your ground
Be sure of where your heart should stand,
by others thoughts do not be bound
and miss the beating heart from another’s hand,
just close your eyes to worry all, be strong in self
And allow yourself, with grace, to gently fall.

Now that’s what I called a pussy-whipped cowboy! It was a mercy the Lord saved him from a life of petticoat-licking servitude. You’re going to need a seriously good tune-smith for this one. Whenever I try to sing it, the music runs out before I get to the end of the line!

Petticoat licking sounds like a fun fetish, Mr. Gorilla Bananas! It can’t be a song yet until I add refrain. Got to get the catchy melancholy to stick but…try singing it to ‘Ode to Billie Joe’ by Bobbie Gentry. That works!

What a sad story! I loved it. Such great voice. Such wonderful imagery. Awesome as always.

Welcome back from your hiatus, Crystalicious! Good to see you 🙂

Ahhh, why thank you lovely girl.

that ballad slayed.

i had a pence on Leicester so i won a billion pounds/ i went to Coushatta and lost it all/ i put it on red when i should have put it on green/ no more dream/ i got coushatta’d

is Hollow Ranch like this?

oh man i remember this. i had this. hoboy could i use that echo microphone now. they say Skeletor is a bit of an airhead but that’s cos he has a skull for a head, give the guy a break. he’s still funnier than He-Man. He-Man laughs at his own lame jokes, Skeletor has more of a bone-dry wit. Skeletor, not He-Man, should be in the group laughs at the end of every episode *)

Leicester have made the biggest sport history worldwide. What with that and King Richard’s bones in a car park, they’re gonna rake in the tourist cash .Claudio Ranieri will never buy another dinner again in his life. He is the new He-Man. *)

Sorry it took so long. Ran into a mental roadblock about my bad voice.

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