Let’s Be Black & White About It

January 28, 2021 2:54pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 17 Comments

Satirical Snapshots Forgetting Whimsy On A Wednesday And Bringing You Art Philosophy On A Thursday!

Because there really isn’t any whimsy going on right now, ya know? Instead, I decided to bring you photos that I feel match the current climate. I’ll have you know I was outside in my Jim-Jams taking photos of crows yesterday. You’re welcome!

And the crow once called the raven black.

I am rather fond of these birds. I wouldn’t mind a pet crow/raven. Wolfits would probably eat it though.  And Kevin would hate it.

Corvid 30? Oh, come on…

Let’s move on to pigeons…

News. That’s all we have at the minute, innit.

And time to reflect.

Or get hammered.


And sit in the park…

…remembering the good old days.



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You can’t get hammered or sit in the park by yourself these days? Or feed the pigeons? I always imagined that I’d end life as an old man with no teeth, sitting in the park (with a pint of oh-be-joyful in my pocket), feeding the pigeons. There are no pigeons at the white wolf mine. If there were, the eagles would eat them.

Every so often there is a wanted poster stapled to a power pole or a tree. Some tourist brought their teacup Yorkie up to the mountains. Fluffy ran off and they offer a small reward for Fluffy’s return. Likely Fluffy’s collar is decorating the nest of a Bald Eagle (protected species) or a wolf’s den, or mountain lion cubs are playing tug-of-war with it while the bell jingles.

Yeah, you can do all those things ALONE.

Maybe you can grow up to be an old man with no teeth feeding eagles, LL! That’d be cool! You could have a pet eagle called Ugly and have him protect the gates of the WWM.

Well, serves ’em right for having a tea-cup dog in the wilderness. Lapdogs are meant for precisely that.

Winter has me sitting inside the house eating and bingeing TV. I like to think of things as shades of grey, not black and white.

Yeah – I did that a lot too but now I’m on smoothies and TV! Things are always shades of grey unless I’m pissed off!

No, no, no! Don’t sit down in the park or we’ll have to fine you for spreading the pub killing virus that isn’t making anyone enormous sums of money. Don’t buy one mask, buy FOUR, because we need to be richer and you need to obey us, serfs. Then there’s the crows.
I think you should have one, the wolves will adjust and they’ll be a team.

We can sit in the park, LSP but you really wouldn’t want to cos it’s cold and wet and not much fun having a larrf on yer tod!
I dream of the days where I could roam free and be outrageous.

Hi Princess,
You’re seeming glum today. Can’t blame you given your countries imprisonment imposed by your government’s imbecility. No shortage of that anywhere.

There is good news… it appears those that already had the Wuflu have much better immunity than those that have received the vaccines… but, but, but… it’s cutting into their bottom line. Can’t have that.

“Pharmaceutical company Merck announced Monday it is discontinuing development of its Covid-19 vaccine candidates after early studies showed immune responses were inferior to natural infection and other Covid-19 vaccines.”

Here’s the link: https://welovetrump.com/2021/01/27/merck-stops-covid-vaccine-studies-showed-people-better-off-catching-virus-and-recovering/

As far as lapdogs becoming snacks for Eagles, Hawks, Wolves, and Coyotes… yes we’ve had plenty of that since city folks escaping to the hinterlands keep bringing these tasty treats with them. It’s impossible to fix stupid. There’s no cure.

More reflective, to be fair Nox. Though sometimes when it’s cold and dreary and raining it can make you rather miserable!

Over here they’re saying that if you had it back in the beginning (which I did) then your immunity has run out! Oh, deep and rapturous joy! Bring on the fear! All you see on TV here is how over 100 thousand people have died and then their relatives on TV which really pulls at the heartstrings. Very mentally distressing. I flit from camp sod it to paranoia.

You can’t fix stupid! – who was the American comedian who coined that phrase.. can’t remember..

hey, that guy in the hoodie and glasses on the bench looks like John Lennon in New York City! in my headcanon John Lennon is still alive and roaming Central Park for a jog with the pigeons…

the dude with his shirt open still can’t believe the results of the Election, he was SURE his side had the better ideas, poor dafter…

…oh no wait, i interviewed him for my podcast, turned him around and stuck a mic in his nose, he tells me he’s Gilligan come back from the Island…


You uncovered the secret, my sweet! Shhhhh…*)

I feel for the guy with his shirt open. I wonder what his story is…

No, let’s not move on to pigeons, thank-you.
The RSPB are doing a bird-watch thing at the moment, asking people to identify and count the numbers of birds in their gardens.
All I seem to have in my garden is bloody pigeons… and they’re not on the list!
The RSPB are not interested in the flying vermin, it seems.
The crows are nice though.
I don’t know the difference between a crow and a raven… other than the spelling.

Let’s get hammered. With a capital H. Can I count you in, Jules?

YOU KNOW IT, BLUE! Let’s go……

BIG HUGS (That’s capital everything )

How are you doing, Jules? A is great, F is not so great. Thinking of you.

Sorry for my tardy reply, Blue. Hmmm… naturally I want to say F! Because F it all! I probably range from D to F to be fair. The end is in sight but the whole ordeal has been trying on so many levels. How are you doing, my friend? X

Remembering the Good Old Days Pre-Pandemic, when I actually wore Real Clothes rather than just Daytime and Nighttime Pajamas, without Masking Accessories, just makes me fully Depressed. I’ve taken to doing totally Mental things to amuse myself… or going on Bloggy Benders, since that’s the only Visiting Allowed now. I’m rather weary of this fuckery already, so ready for Hugs and being set free from Inmate Status in Lockdown Extended Stay.

Bo, I don’t even know HOW to dress anymore. I look like something that would be referred to as pondlife.

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