Lets be Frank

November 2, 2010 2:04pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher No Comments

Yes let’s be Frank!  He is such a funny little man who is continuing to have me in stitches with his whimsical ways.  Last week he wanted to go for a walk as he found himself ‘drunk’ on the colour of the beautiful landscape.  His words not mine, look how expressive he’s becoming!  Anyway, I decided to take him on a particularly nice dog walk that I go on which is open on both sides to views of stunning farmland.  The day was bitting and bobbing between sunshine and showers and eventually, although a little windy, the rain seemed to have abated.  So off we drove to the bridle path and started our walk.  Frank kept stopping and saying ‘I take photo”  pretty much every 10 seconds.  Then I had to take pictures of him whilst he stood there with a very serious face and a peace/victory sign ( I really don’t know why they do that but I’ve told him to stop it) against the backdrop.  Then all of a sudden it started to rain.  Not gently and splishy splashy but with a vengeance!  The wind had picked up and the rain was slicing into us diagonally and soaking us through.  Obviously as a true English rose and dog owner I am used to this kind of weather but Frank is not.
“HO MY GOTT”  he said “HO MY GOTT HO MY GOTT”  (oh my God)
“It’s ok Frank just a bit of rain we’re not far from the car”  I replied.
” HO very, very bad. My cold. my no like”  said Frank shaking his head and slipping on the muddy path.  He continued on,  pulling his coat fast around his neck and screwing up his face.  I couldn’t help but laugh at him .  The rain got extremely intense and my hair was plastered to my face and dripping off the end of my nose.  Then he screamed “MY NO CAN SEE, MY NO CAN SEE” I turned to see him eyes tight shut because he didn’t like the rain going into his face whilst trying to walk super fast on a downward muddy bridle path and slipping everywhere!  “Frank, it’s only water not acid rain, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES OR YOU ARE GOING TO FALL!”  Hilarious.    Once back home Frank stripped off, put on his Jim Jams and went to get himself a nice glass of port!

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