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February 28, 2011 4:35pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 1 Comment

I have so many things to do that I don’t want to do any of them.  I want to go back to bed, curl up and pray fervently that some kindly soul will have done it all for me or make it all go away. Here is my list, which is a list of all other unfinished lists that I have endeavored to do that need to be done today or yesterday or before:

  • Business accounts up to date (procrastinated on this one for months)
  • Walk dogs in woods
  • Clean car and put petrol in as is telling me only 5 miles left
  • Shop (UGH- hate shopping unless its for nice shoes)
  • Get camera equipment ready for tomorrows job
  • Work on business plans
  • Send invoices and pay invoices
  • Prepare dinner
  • Sort out paperwork to transfer reg from car ( should have done this a month ago) 
  • iron – clothes required
  • Finish painting/cleaning/washing carpets at rental house before Friday as being rented out to new tenants
  • Other domestic drudgery that lures me away from what I’m supposed to be doing as I work from home.  I am easily distracted by dust…
So, I decided to start with ringing car people to transfer personal registration from a lease car that is being returned to my current car.  Car is meant to be collected at end of March.  Am still awaiting collection date. Have rang these people 3 times.  I hate them.
Called again and went through the 6 million options on the phone.  Press 9 if you’d like to speak to a dimwit.  Now Im sorry to call you this, I really am whoever you are but customer relations isn’t your strong point.  Even if Id had several Bacardi and cokes I dont think we’d get on.  You also cut me off twice and MADE me go through the mind numbingly tedious option procedure again.  Just come and get your car its not difficult.
Can someone also please tell me where the vin number is on my car because it’s not on my paperwork and its not on my car.  I have spent 40 minutes looking for it – ARRRR– I need it in order to transfer registration plates.
I then decided to look at work on Business plans I am helping do for a charity.  Went to file saved on Mac.  Nothing there. Now I know I have put things in there so where have they gone?  
  Is it normal to want several glasses of wine by lunchtime?
Can’t go to rental house to finish decor as forgot I’d left the keys with the carpet man. Great.  Went to sort out invoices and found car insurance renewal – due Friday.  Have wasted hours of my life answering questions at ‘Go Compare’ and ‘Confused .com’ (actually I’m beyond confused at this point) only to find that it’s MORE EXPENSIVE. 
I have managed to walk the dogs without incurring a huge vet bill (as usual) or my big dog managing to find the rotting carcasses of dead bunnies and birds to eat.  All in all the day has been pretty futile and I am now off to put petrol in my car so I can drive away from it all.  With regard to the list, it can be added to tomorrow so in the meantime it’s the same clothes as yesterday, help yourself to a pot noodle and if you want any money from me then press 9.

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Sounds like a crappy day to me.

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