lost love

June 17, 2010 1:33pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher No Comments

It’s only when you look back you realise how lucky you were. You look back at old photos and think “God wasn’t I thin/gorgeous/stunning/young!” Why didn’t I realise how amazing I was at the time? Well, recently I took a look back and realise how loved I was. I was rooting through my drawers and cupboards looking for an old file when I came across my ‘Happy Box’ (actually it’s more of a zipped brown plastic case rather than a box but I still call it a happy box!) which I put together years ago containing all manner of things that made me happy from other people. Since I am a person who is easily distracted I clearly had to have a look inside for old times sake! Most of the contents are letters from past boyfriends or past ‘wanna be boyfriends’ some are funny and others are so beautiful and caring that 3 days later I am still so overwhelmed at how much people cared for me. I spent the whole day reading each and every letter from people, remembering fun times and welling up at the heartfelt sentiments of young love. I’m a little bit concerned as I feel like this may have spiraled me into a ‘crisis’ as I can’t shake the feelings that have re-emerged since reading them. Some years on and I find myself missing these people and their personalities and wondering why these relationships ended. I’m wondering what these people are doing now and hoping that they are happy…I’d love to know. I found my happy box the day after going to the cinema  to see ‘Letters to Juliet’ How ironic that I should come across my own ‘letters to Juliette” and wonder could this be serendipity at play?

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