The Malocchio Of Bodie ~ A Western By Jules Smith

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The Malocchio of Bodie


The Blurb

The Evil Eye “Malocchio” seems to circle Alonzo Augusta, especially when he arrives back in the town of Bodie to capture the heart of Estelle Winburne. But the girl he is sweet on is protected by the big men in town who are hell bent on having the broody ‘Eye-Tallion’ put in the ground. Under suspicion for the gold robbery on Dutch Schmidt, Augusta finds his real friends come in the form of a black magicker, a dry goods sourpuss and a Mormon blessed by God. But can the unlikely underdogs win the day and save the girl when it comes to a shoot out along the gold road?


What’s in it for you?

This isn’t just any western, this is a Jules Smith western which means this: 
A gripping, page-turning story filled with crazy adventure that will whisk you away to the freedom of the wild west and ravage you with romance, danger, duplicity, gun slingin’ and consequence!


What to do next

Buy it.  Available in paperback and kindle from an Amazon retailer near you.

Y’all just press that link below, now – Go Git ‘Er Done!

For UK here.

For US here. 


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A black magicker in a Western? That’s unusual. Are there any spells or potions? I am starting to feel spooked.

I put that black magicker in for you, Mr. Gorilla Bananas cos I know how yous like spells an’ all. You can get one back on them there witches! 🙂

I, for one, enjoyed this romantic tale of good v. evil in America’s Old West. Will the Eye-Tallion save the day, and just who is Tommy “The Demon” anyway? Sequel, please.

You, for one, have excellent taste, LSP.

You will find out about Tommy “The Demon” anon…. 🙂

Look at you pumping out another book. Some talk. Others do. Where do you find the time?

The key is no sleep and a passion for cowboys, M. 🙂 Anyway, git readin’ 🙂

Oooooooo – we need to get this nouveau spaghetti-western on our Kindle, pronto! Is it set in the real-life, (pre)ghost town of Bodie, California, near Mono Lake? We’ve been there! I guess we’ll have to read and find out. I’ll go get a YouTube video out right now that implies the ‘Malocchio’ is somehow tied to the Illuminati, and sales will explode! LOL!

It is indeed set in that very Bodie!

I would very much appreciate you getting the Kindle version and letting me know what you think! I’m also more than happy for you to increase sales by ANY means, Grunt! 🙂

my best friend was eyetalian.

Malocchio, love that, it’s very Princess Bride. i must fall under the spell of the Malocchio cos it’s the only way i’ll get any sleep. my body has grown immune to Hell Dust *)

It’s good to have an Eye-Tallion friend because they eat great food and drink the best wines. These things are vitally important.
I love The Princess Bride! The Malocchio is all around. You need a cornicello for protection and 12 minute spaghetti. *)

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