New Years Evil

December 31, 2014 11:37pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 14 Comments



So, here I am in the city with the party revellers! It’s all kicking off.  Pubs are rammed; girls are wearing summer clothes in winter and boys are totally ok with that.

IMG_0064This chap nearly fell into my taxi.  Bless him…


IMG_0067Filthy’s is as filthy as ever…and why not?




Sup birds?

IMG_0065A night at the museum seems preferable, I gotta be honest.

I haven’t managed to catch a scrap in progress or any Black Mariah’s skidding round corners but it’s early days yet. It all seems pretty much as usual with prettier lights.

My favourite texts of the year so far before the bell chimes the end, are:

photo 5-1

Wise words.



My friend Anniesu, with drink in hand, following me on my night and other things like this…


photo 2

photo 1

And my friend Hazel who is working nights at the Hospital waiting for the revellers.   She has had a sign laminated for us to take to the pub that we frequent so we never lose our comfy sofa again.  Someone half inched the last one.



And it’s not even midnight yet…

See you when Big Ben starts up 🙂



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I was enjoying this until I read the very last entry…

Did he really??

Oh God… I understand the ‘Evil’ reference now…

I hope your celebrations have gone well…



Haha! Gruesome eh?

HAPPY NEW YEAR SHOES! You are a great friend and a top bloke and I hope that your year is filled with proper loveliness! And great statue pics 🙂

Gone are the revelling days ….. Well on New Years eve anyway, we just revel the other 364 days of the year! x

Exactly mate! We’ve always been unique!

Love ya loads and Happy next 364 days! XX

Just to confirm that I met my mission to match you drink for blog with a drink in hand! Go us!! Thanks for the journey gf

Your loyalty is untouchable!

How’s your head this morning?

Thanks for the journey too and here’s to many more! 🙂

I am, in fact, remarkably clear headed today. More clear headed than the empty bottles in the kitchen suggest I should be, which I can only put down to the empty juice carton alongside them! I would also like to it put on record that I was up and about at 10.30am, and this clear headedness existed then too!

Bring on the journeys! May 2015 be full of them 😀

Wow. Sign of a seasoned drinker ;P

Yes let us journey forth to the unknown! x

That teetering chap, it was the wig’s pink powers pulling him over…don’t think it was the bird not so hermetically sealed in blue slink…but maybe the Barbie in black and white… LOVE the brilliant texts!

Yes I believe you are right, Miss A. Well of course you are! It’s been a while since that chap has been tickled pink you know.
Yes….the blue outfit was incredibly brave…

I ended up going out for a bit to eat and then went to a movie, so I can’t match you. Then again, you did start 8 hours before I could fairly begin (the sun wasn’t over the yard arm here)…cheater.

Well that’s nice, innit! You sod off dining al fresco in the Californian sunshine whilst I trip out all the folks with my pink hairdo.

I’m much more entertaining than a Hollywood movie, honestly…:)

Looks like lots of revelling there Jules…I’ve a feeling I might die if I tried to keep up but what a way to go.

You’d die happy and oblivious to the fear of death. 🙂

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