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August 20, 2011 9:06pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 1 Comment

I HATE the following things:

  • Pretty much everything when I’m in ‘One of those moods’.
  • Spiders..ooh  ew.. Actually this is more of a fear / phobia / hysteria.
  • Wasps.  See above.
  • Tripe and black pudding.  Why anyone would care to eat such things is beyond me.
  • Rude shop assistants – If you don’t like your job, leave. Don’t take your issues out on people who like shopping.
  • That hideous yellow stuff that people insist on giving you at Christmas called Advocaat.
  • Strawberries. Really. They are so overrated.
  • Bad drivers / obnoxious drivers including those with ego’s that can’t bear to be overtaken; Trust me, there will be road rage!
  • People who ask you a question and then balk at your answer! Don’t ask me then!
  • Mornings. Also noise in the morning. Shhh…give me space.
  • People who have a burning need to judge or criticize when it is neither warranted or necessary.
  • Doing Accounts….zzzzzzzzzzz
  • Spiteful mind games.  Get some counselling.
  • The end of a really good book.  Makes me very sad and not want to read another book ever again until I feel better.
  • Nuts. Yeuk!
  • Boredom.  Oh how I loathe boredom.  It’s so boring.
  • Rain. Getting wet is not for me.
  • When someone says “Please can you take your shoes off” and I’m wearing my converse which take AGES to undo.
  • Bad tiles in words with friends. 
  • Gin.  It tastes like perfume.  I don’t get it.
  • New Year.  Such an anti climax and fear fuelled with impossible changes, cold weather and no excitement.
  • People who interrupt or ask you something and then don’t listen!  How rude!
  • Clothes that are itchy and scratchy and not soft.
  • Rigidity.  Discipline. Structure.  Just too stultifying.
  • Going ‘food’ shopping. (please see ‘Pay the Asda price’ blog post for reasons)
  • People who rate you based on where you live, what you earn, what you do for a living or your academic record and not on who you are as a person.  How pompous.  Go and read ‘The Invitation’
  • Cows. Scary.  You can never tell what cows are thinking.  Do you know that around 20 people a year are killed by cows.  Don’t trust them.

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Great list. I think my favorite is people who don’t like your answer after they ask you a question. That happens so often!

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