October the Fourteenth is Light

October 14, 2015 12:01pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 4 Comments

October Dark and light: Inspired by the ‘two sentence’ horror stories I have decided to embark on a similar theme but mixing it up with one day of dark and menacing suggestion and the next of light and cheerful. Monday – Friday snippets from your Art Philosopher until All Hallows’ Eve is over…

October 14


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“thanks, Dad,” he said, “now go and take a bath, your hand is all grubby. what? you always say I have to take a bath.” *)

I love your continuation, my sweet! How lovely *)

Sweet. I want chocolate. All my birthday chocolate disappeared and each mention of chocolate today on the blogosphere has been torture. Pure torture. Even if it’s a sweet mention.

But Crystalicious, sweet is just a sociopath: It pretends to be nice but it’s actually poison underneath! 🙂

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