October the Ninth is Dark

October 9, 2015 8:03am Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 8 Comments

October Dark and light: Inspired by the ‘two sentence’ horror stories I have decided to embark on a similar theme but mixing it up with one day of dark and menacing suggestion and the next of light and cheerful. Monday – Friday snippets from your Art Philosopher until All Hallows’ Eve is over…

October the Ninth


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she couldn’t get the measurement for the back of the dress on herself so she used him seeing as they were the same bodytype. she tied him to the bed to keep him still, she didn’t want to cut him cutting the swatch of fabric. the wedding was a big success, her blue Cinderella dress was the talk of the village, and they lived happily ever after. her glass slipper was used both in the ceremony and on their honeymoon…*)

Oh how beautifully romantic and turning Grimm into the reality of fairytale life! That’s what they call a positive outlook, my sweet *)

I think that guys have a different take on that than gals do. And I don’t think that I’ll let you tie me down to the bed anymore — it’s a threat!

And you’d better NOT cut me off because of my threat…

I thought you were braver than that, Larry 😉

What would be the fun of cutting you off? Playtime wouldn’t be half as much fun!

“Planning on giving me a trim are you?” he asked.

I can’t guess whether she’s going to stab him or cut something off.

Haha! A trim….of sorts. Who knows what she’s going to do. It all depends on your beautiful imagination.

Of course, I just assumed she was going to cut him free so he could fetch the champagne…;)

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