October the Twenty-Eighth is Light

October 28, 2015 12:13pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 8 Comments

October Dark and light: Inspired by the ‘two sentence’ horror stories I have decided to embark on a similar theme but mixing it up with one day of dark and menacing suggestion and the next of light and cheerful. Monday – Friday snippets from your Art Philosopher until All Hallows’ Eve is over…

october 28th


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I love it. We often get caught up NOT living.

More often than not, Crystalicious. I plan to be a travelling mentalist full of passion and personality!

In the military, the saying went much the same way. “Travel to different exotic lands, meet new and interesting people and kill them.”

O…k…. then…did I mention that it’s not exotic where I live and that I’m terribly, terribly boring…yawn…seriously, I can cause narcolepsy in seconds.

travel the world (with Anthony Bourdain), discover burgeoning and ancient cultures, fall in love again, eat rare food, drink in exotic spirits, just don’t eat any more bacon cos bacon causes cancer.

Napoleon from Animal Farm perks up his pig ears.
Napoleon: I’m back, baby. muahahaha!

Bender from Futurama crawls out of Marge Simpson’s basement.
Bender: I’m back, baby *)

It’s much more fun with Gordon Ramsay. That bacon nonsense is utter tripe <-- which you really can't eat because it's disgusting. There's more nitrates in vegetables. Doctor Hillary said so on telly this morning and he has a face that doesn't lie. #babe *)

“Look at the way all that beautiful hair is cascading down her back,” I thought to myself. Then I followed her arm down and she’s holding a woman’s hand. Certainly not mine. Oh.

Oh? You don’t wear red nail varnish?

I’m happy to crop the picture to facilitate your dreams…

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