October the Twenty-Seventh is Dark

October 27, 2015 10:00am Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 14 Comments

October Dark and light: Inspired by the ‘two sentence’ horror stories I have decided to embark on a similar theme but mixing it up with one day of dark and menacing suggestion and the next of light and cheerful. Monday – Friday snippets from your Art Philosopher until All Hallows’ Eve is over…

October 27


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I’m going to miss these. It’s been a nice way to wake up and start my internet life.

Well I’ve been happy to oblige 🙂

Why is there always some sort of curse attached to chain letters?

Because fear is a big motivator.

So is a Kimber .45 ACP Raptor 2 and a tomahawk.

Especially when hidden in a nylon body warmer.

it was a scam. makes sense now. it’s harder than that to become an angel. “when the bell tolls for thee, an angel gets its wings” it said on the official letterhead. problem is, it takes your wings to do it. at least the friendships made along the way will endure. I wonder how that nice African prince is doing…*)

Sorry, my sweet, I’m too busy to respond at the moment as I have to send money to Augusto and his family. I feel positively angelic. I may order some wings….from pizza hut. *)

Well, look on the bright side. At least she was able to rationally evaluate her previous decisions while the blood was pooling beside her. Whose blood was it anyway?

Oh, good question Mr.Gorilla Bananas! Who said it was her blood? The postman had it coming.

Chain letter? So last century. How quaint.

It’s all chain emails nowadays m’dear. Not that anyone pays attention to them, as we are all far too savvy to be taken in by such rubbish.

Please pass this comment on to at least six others, else you may find your blog suffers a DoS attack next time there is an R in the month (the exact same thing happened to a Mr M of Tunbridge Wells when he didn’t heed this advice).

I’m very quaint. Watch out for something in your letterbox, Masher…

If I get a DOS attack then I’ll just go to the pub, hop on a flight and go to bed. There’s always something else to be entertained by. By the way, if you don’t send me a surprise parcel with something nice and interesting that I might have always wanted within the next 24 hours, you won’t have sex for seven years.

I’m married.
No sex for the next seven years is a given.

Haha! You should have read October the Twenty- Sixth!

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