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Woke up this morning and asked the nice receptionist where I could get a good breakfast. Just down the street at a place called ‘Daniela trattoria’ was the suggested venue so off I went. I had poached eggs ( I have to say done to perfection) with bacon and potatoes? Not sure about the potato part but I love American bacon.  Had a nearly decent cup of tea – best so far!  Apart from the fact I was sitting next to the loudest Chinese family in the world it was a nice yummy experience and now my new breakfast haunt!  
With converse donned and ready to walk the city I made my way to the Empire State building.  I’m not a huge fan of heights, in fact after making it half way up the Eiffel tower on a trip to Paris once I had to come immediately back down as I got dizzy  but In I went and joined the endless queue.  This was worse than airport immigration.  There was a security guy at the next part shouting ” Please remove your backpacks, belts and fanny packs!”  Err.. Excuse me. What is a fanny pack? How inappropriate!  Not a word one would shout out in the UK.  Managed to clear security and went to join the next line and the next line and the next line.  I totally understand the need for security and order in this country but this was relentless! Eventually I got to purchase my ticket. 
“All the way to the top please!” I requested confidently.  Next I got in the lift and went flying up 1050 feet to the 86th floor within about six seconds.  Outside were the most spectacular views across the city where you can see for 80 miles in each direction.  However, I’d asked to go the very top and went up to the next level on floor 102 ( I am now officially a member of the elite 102 club) a whole1250 feet!  Amazing! I managed to take some great photos without feeling like I was going to fall over the edge.  Another fear conquered. I am a new woman of substance!  I then went to Starbucks as I had earned a grande caramel macchiato and needed to write up on my experiences so far.  What I loved about this Starbucks was that they wrote your name on your cup and then shouted it out when it was ready.  Very personal and friendly, I liked that and think English Starbucks should take this on board.  Whilst writing and playing word on my ipad on the Starbucks network a lady asked if she could share my table.  I noticed she was watching me  and  started to ask me about the online scrabble game I was playing.  A slightly eccentric, fine artist who was very friendly and gave me her card and asked me to seek her out on Facebook. I told her I was off to Madison square gardens next and she told me not to bother.  “Go to Greenwich village you’ll like it there” she said and left.  I took her advice and went to Macy’s!  I didn’t mean to go there but it just appeared right in front of me! However it was very hot and I couldn’t cope with the thought of shopping in the worlds biggest store.  I know, I must have got sunstroke or something.  Walked around 5th Avenue, Broadway, and all round the streets for hours watching dance groups, entertainers and generally taking in the New York spirit. Got back to the hotel early evening and had to re charge my iPad which meant I couldn’t watch TV. Yes, there are no spare plug sockets in my room and had to unplug the telly to charge my devices. Marvellous.  Went to visit the concierge who was super -duper efficient and friendly and have booked a big red bus tour for the next two days.  Yes very touristy but you can get on and off all over the city and see everything so well worth it.  Chose to eat my tea at a place called ‘Chop’t Salad company’.  You choose your salad combination and they put it in a bowl then they empty it onto a chopping board and chop it to pieces, mix with a dressing and put it back in the bowl and serve.  Very tasty, very healthy and we need this franchise in the UK. Went to Smiths bar for a drink or two and then went back to my room and watched the comedy channel whilst writing about my day. Tomorrow I’ve got to get up early to get on my big red bus and try and get to see as much as I can. Apparently they give out free plastic rain ponchos if it rains. No. There’s no way I’m going that far.   Tomorrow awaits! 

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