Once in a blue moon

August 31, 2012 9:10am Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 23 Comments

Blue mooooon, la la la la, you saw me standing alone, la la la la, without a dream in my heart… you will have that song in your head all day long now!
Anyway, today is a blue moon.  Apparently they don’t happen very often and so should be paid attention to.  I noticed someone had commented about this on facebook and since I’m rather fond of the moon thought I should look into it.
I decided I’d meet with my witchy friend “Anniesue of Runswick” as witches know all about this kind of malarkey.
“So, what’s this blue moon thing all about then?” I asked over a steaming glass of latte. (On a side note, I really like those little gingery type biscuits that you get with your latte at posh cafes)
“I don’t really know exactly what it signifies” she replied half heartedly.
“What?  Your a witch, you’re supposed to know all about these kind of things!” I retorted somewhat shocked and thinking that she wasn’t taking this wiccan thing very seriously.
“Here” I said as I passed over my beloved ipad tablet of genius.  “Look it up, read all about it and then translate into terms that I will understand”  
Now that might sound incredibly lazy of me but that’s not the case. (maybe a bit)  I know if I read the description I’d be totally confused by the psychobabble.  So, better she did it.
“Ok” she said.  “It’s a time of communication.” she read.
“A time to start new ventures and be creative. A time for change”
Since I can’t stick to anything for more than 3 days I didn’t see how this would affect me.
“You may get a sore throat” she said.
“Why?”  I asked “Thats not very nice is it”
“Because it’s all about the throat chakra”
Of course it is.
“So I’m going to get a sore throat now because you’ve mentioned it.  It’s like voodoo”
“Oh shut up” she snapped.
Gosh, witches can be ever so touchy.
“Whatever you say today is very important, for whatever you say is how you really feel”
Oh God.  I’d better keep my mouth shut then.
“It’s a time to make up for things you messed up on and put them right” she continued.
Errr… that could take some time. Ignore that one.
“Set your goals today and do something unusual”
I might try and be normal, that would be unusual.
“Your psychic powers are heightened and you may receive messages” she enthused.
“What, like e mail messages? More texts?” I asked. (Don’t blame me if you start hearing voices in your head)
“ A great time to cast spells” she said loudly whilst giving me ‘one of those’ looks.
Ooops.  better watch my step.
“ Do you want another coffee?” I offered “I can feel a sore throat coming on”.
Do you know, I never knew ipads could fly.
So, heres to a great blue moon.  Make the most of it as the next one’s not until 2015!  If anything exciting happens let me know and if I don’t come back on here for a while, please start kissing toads!


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The disappointing thing about blue moons is that they aren’t actually blue – they’re just a coincidence created by the human calendar. It’s a good time to show your indifference by mooning at the moon.

Hello Mr GB! I know, very disappointing! At least I could take some nice photos if it were. I looked for it last night but couldn’t find it anywhere. I suspect it was hiding behind a cloud in fear of my mooning!

you’re funny, Juliette :p
i wish i could meet this witch friend of yours – does that count as a spell ??
i mean really. it’d be interesting to chat with one.
when i was in a sunday bazaar some years back, a lady approached me and said that my aura was awfully red and that i had lots of problems but i was also strong to handle them. but anyone could have said that to anyone.

Hey Jaya! Trust me, you would fear for your life if you met her. You would have to tread very carefully as she is a very cunning and intelligent witch! I think a red aura sounds nice! Passionate! 🙂

she is a good witch then :p hah.
10 yrs ago, my good friend and i had our aura photographed through this special kind of aura-capturing camera. at that time, my aura was mostly green and yellow.
apparently it translated to ambitions, joy and freedom!

Haha, glad to see a post about the blue moon!
Blue moons are a time for doing something you very rarely do, that ‘out-of-the-blue’ action, hence that saying of infinite lax-a-daisy proportions, ‘once in a blue moon…’
Oh I like that idea about the throat chakra and communication (not the sore throat part though..) – its colour is blue, so maybe there is some truth in it!
Love the song! I posted Chris Isakk’s version!

And likewise Siobhán! Yours was far more explanatory and very interesting. Can’t say I noticed much of a difference though and it wasn’t even visible!

Bonjour from French France. I tried your flip flop joke, but it seemed to get lost in the translation.

Didn’t know it was a blue moon, but interestingly, the current Mrs Masher has gone down with a cough and a sore throat. I’ve been calling her an old witch for years, but this seems to confirm it.

Bonjour Masher! OOh maybe Mrs Masher has something to say…I’d tread very carefully!
Damn the French, they have no sense of humour! I can understand how that would get lost on them though.
Enjoy your croissants and bouillabaisse!

I still don’t know why it’s blue, and I’m supposed to be an expert, so I really can’t blame you for asking your witchy friend. Yes, now I’ve got that song on the brain, alright. Thank you! I own, what, 500 or so, Elvis records and CDs and Blue Moon happens to be the only one that makes me fall asleep. ZZZZZZZZZ Oh, you were saying? Luckily for me, he’s got another moon song: CLICK.

P.S. I love those little gingery type biscuits. I’d love them even more if they were a bit bigger.

Hello RCB! It’s not blue, it’s a vicious lie. It comes from the old English word ‘belewe’ meaning betray. Doesn’t really inspire confidence does it! Love that Elvis blue moon version, bit more rocky!
Yes, lets start a petition to make those biscuits BIGGER!

Hello Juliette! I had no idea. Belewe.. is that a fact? Well, now that we’re on the subject of language, I was watching this interview about a book by Toni Morrison, and 13 min. 15 sec. into the interview one of the speakers used a fancy word that I just can’t make out. I feel like such a fool. Now, since you’re smarter than moi, maybe you can help me out, for it’s been bugging me all day:

“?????????? is the problem of the black male in American society”.

Come again?

Ok my ‘belewe’ friend, I’ll be honest, this took me 4 attempts! At first I thought he said mouthpiece. BUT, he’s saying ‘My piece’ as in (I’m guessing) a piece of work in which he has referred to this.

It was tough but I think I came through for you there RCB 😉

You know what…. I’ve asked, what, ten people that question, including Canadians and Australians, and you’re the only one to come up with the right answer. In the meantime I found a better recording of the interview – just audio – and that’s exactly what the guy says. No fancy word… just ‘in my piece’. Now I can sleep tight. You most certainly came through for me, Jules, and that guy needs to articulate for crying out loud.

He certainly does need to articulate! However, since I am now master of deciphering mumblings, no matter! 🙂

The moon was spectacular on Friday night. I’m quite fond of it myself… come to think of it, I do feel change in the air! 😉

Of course you do. Someone we both kniw once said to me change is the only constant. And what about love? You know the song: ♡ is in the air…

P.S. This Samsung S3 needs bigger buttons…

Of course you do. Someone we both kniw once said to me change is the only constant. And what about love? You know the song: ♡ is in the air…

samsung definitely needs bigger buttons! He he!

I couldn’t even see it Azra! It was all a bit of a let down. Sigh… I hope it’s good change for you! 🙂

I was surprised to hear Elvis sing “Blue Moon”. It is very different than his other ballads. Thanks for sharing it. Interesting to read about the blue moon too.

I think Elvis did everything Belle. Thank you.

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