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panorama photo of English woods

Satirical Snapshots bringing you a dose of Corona Corner!

Well, hello there isolators!  It’s pandemic playtime!  Today I bring you another task to lighten your day and bring amusement to you and your friends.

Corona Corner #10 – Forget the drama and canorama!

I’ve found a new form of Art Philosophy! Such exciting times since I am the world’s leading Art Philosopher.

It’s amazing how familiarity breeds contempt makes you do weird stuff.  On my daily walk, where I perambulate around the same nearby park, I try to entertain myself with whatever is about my person.

After that, I get my iPhone camera out (boom-boom! they don’t tell ’em like that anymore…)

A panorama of the woods can get old quickly and a bit too green and, like most of these types of photos, the view is always better in real life.  However,  getting yourself upside down and inside out and making a canorama (canopy -panorama) does two things:

Produces an interesting take on nature

Keeps everyone else on the park social distancing way more than 2 metres away from you.

Here are my beautiful shots which I’m happy to exchange for 4 margaritas, a packet of Doritos and a Magnum classic, (left in my porch )  thanks.

A panorama x 3 photos of the woods

A panorama - vertical panorama of woods

Living upside down – that’s the future.

Angels watching over me
With smiles upon their face
‘Cause I have made it through this far
In an unforgiving place
It feels sometimes this hill’s too steep
For a girl like me to climb
But I must knock those thoughts right down
I’ll do it in my own time
I don’t care 
I’m halfway there 
On a road that leads me straight to who knows where
I’ll tell you what 
What I have found 
That I’m no fool 
I’m just upside down 
Ain’t got no cares 
I ain’t got no rules (just like a Jules)
I think I like 
Living upside down 

I urge you to get yourself bendy, forget the drama, get upside down and canorama!



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Jules I needed this today more than you’ll ever know. Pray for me and my daughter who needs help. Love you and miss you ❤️😘

Well, I’m so glad that it made you feel better, Janet. My love, thoughts, and prayers are with you. Miss and love you too xxx

When you live in “upside down mode” all of the time, pictures like that look right side up. This is the trouble with living in a different dimension of space time, you know.

I know. I have had this issue all my life, LL! 🙂

MM=Monday Margaritas

I stay 6 feet apart. but others stay 12 feet apart from me. I don’t know what this means…

Doritos now come in either red or blue bags, no other markings or labels on the bag, just red or blue, you know they’re Doritos, that’s how iconic they are

the Magnum girl or the Oui yogurt girl, I can’t decide

they all look like Rhode Island! home of Peter Griffin!

what rhymes with Juli?…


It means that people are in awe of you, my sweet *)

Newly, duly, truly Juli. How appropriate! *)

Top center is New Hampshire in outline, hence “Central New Hampshire Triptych” . Bottom right is Easter Island meets Don Martin (MAD Magazine), but I got nothin’ for the title.

How very philosophically arty of you, Mike! I can never look at that now without seeing Don Martin! Ha! 🙂

I think we are already living during an upside down time.

Aren’t we just, BW.

Julesy, just admit you had already consumed the 4 margaritas, fallen and couldn’t get up, then laid there eating Doritos, whilst your iPhone cam, after having been jarred due to the tumble, clicked mindlessly away.

Confess to trying to pass this off as “Canorama” art, and we can then discuss obtaining you the Magnum Classic.
Love You Still,
~Your PPS 😘
I do love the poem. It is so…You!

How do you know me SO well, PPS? Genius.

Love ya even more then, I do! xx

– It’s a song called Upside Down by Paloma Faith. She wrote it for me!

I like this:

But I must knock those thoughts right down
I’ll do it in my own time
I don’t care
I’m halfway there

What do I especially like? The “I don’t care” note of just gonna do it. Of course “no rule.” Here, maybe this helps!

Nobody cares. 🙂

What a powerful track. Never has Eminem been so top dog!

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