Party Time In A New Dress.

July 11, 2014 9:19pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 36 Comments



“Knock, knock.”

“Hold on….coming….can’t walk in these bloody shoes.”

Sometime later….

Hey! Thanks for coming, lovely to see you and I’m SO glad you made it cos it really wouldn’t be a party without you! Fruit punch with a massive …ahem…punch is in the bath, cocktail bar in the kitchen corner and scantily clad waiters can be found wandering around with sausages on sticks. Nice.

Make yourself at home in my new home, hope you like it…do you? I’m all grown up now…(honest) and I’m going to be the hostess with the mostest of….something.

Since I’m still recovering from my random act of kindness, tell me, what have you bought me as a house warming gift,? Well? Come on, play along. If this were a real, REAL, true life blogger house warming party and you were invited what would you bring me considering you’ve never met me before and will have to use your beautiful imagination?

Spill it. (Not the drinks, carpets are new here)


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Oooohh! Pretty! Much easier on the eyes. A more mature color palate. (Or colour, if you must. *tsk*)

My housewarming gifts are a GoPro, The Narrative Clip and a MacBook Air. Will that do? (Or due, if you must.)

Haha! Oh that’ll do nicely, Exile – COME ON IN!

Thank you for your approval, Im honoUred.

Wow. Just… wow.

What a spiffy new place you got here! Love it! 😀

Oh crap I forgot to bring a welcome gift. Can I still hang around?

Thank you Dee! I like to be spiffy 😉

Just bring your lovely personality – that is gift enough, though I might have you working the cocktail bar later since I’ve seen the lovely things you imbibe!

Hi Jules, I’m not too early am I?

Wow, look at you: all grown up with your own logo an’ everything!

Loving the new gaff – I won’t have to wear my sunglasses now.

Look, I got you this. It’s not much, but I think a pet can really make a home. Just don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight. OK?

Now, where’s the bar? Can we turn this music down a bit….? Hey Exile, mine’s a beer!

Never too early for a party, Masher! Besides, it’s the weekend 🙂

Yes, no shades here, until the GREMLIN is let loose.

You’ll always be Miss Jellybobble to me, Jules, no matter how grown-up and authorly you become.

My house-warming gifts are:

1) a gewgaw

2) a carefully chosen piece of underwear.


I always will, Mr. Gorilla Bananas, that is true.

Ugh….I love that word. I want a hose full of trinkety gewgaws.

Carefully chosen? Sounds interesting….:)

I didn’t bring the firearms to the UK. The nice people on the island have an aversion to them if you’re an honest, law abiding person…now criminals…they pack whatever they want to.

The next time you’re in the Colonies, though, the shooting trip is waiting.

They do. We’re scared of them. You can only get hold of them if you are a bad ass gangsta that wants to loot the pound shop.

I would LOVE that. I’ve been dying to shoot things for ages. I reckon I’d be spanking at it!

1. a vacation

2. a vacation from the vacation

Perfect, sweet Phoenix, I need that like you can’t imagine 🙂

time to get clad in my Cabana Boy uniform and take out my sausage…from the frying pan and remember to put sticks on them before i put them on the tray.

Yes! Quite. As I was expecting! All sausages on sticks….ALL 😉

I brought booze, booze, and more booze. That’s appropriate, right???

Dig the new frock, Jules! 🙂

Always Mina, always. Come on IN!

Thank you, grey is the new black 🙂

All right, I am here. The party can officially begin now. Oh, i see it’s been going for quite some time without me. Well, now it can begin to get loud and reckless. That’s what I’m here for. That and inappropriate drunken photos with all of your guests that they will regret later.

That’s just what we need right about now, a party reveller. Looking forward to the inappropriate FB pics and the follow up blog posts – party on Tiger 🙂

Oh là là! Classy digs, Miss Gorgeous-and-Talented! I’ve brought you some doors to add to your collection. They open to rich opportunities, experiences and successes. And because I’m rather late, I’ve also brought tea that, once wetted, arrives and remains at the perfect temperature for as long as it takes to finish drinking it. Now then, to the bath for some punch! I don’t care if it’s warm… Oh dear, Masher’s Mogwai is in it and becoming plural…
Quickly then, a toast!
“He that has a [new internet] house to put ’s head in has a good headpiece.” Shakespeare, King Lear

Miss A 🙂 The class act has finally arrived.

Loving the doors concept and the tea is genius, genius I say. I will never go just under luke warm again!

I need to sort a few things out over here, some tiny cracks in the new plaster and all and a “FOLLOW ME BUTTON” DUH…I’m widgetless….sigh.

A toast indeed, “Heres to punch drunk gremlins, the Bard and the best bloggy friends indeed!”

Hear hear, Miss Jules!

Definitely classy, appealing to every fiber of good taste within me : )

And as far as your IT to-do list goes, well it’s the perfect excuse for another toast! So here’s to the emergence of widgetful awesomeness!

I’ll toast that!


Can’t walk in these… ~shoes~?

Surely you can, dear…

How do I add/follow?? I tried but it’s not working!!

Inquiring minds want/need to know!!!


Captain Har is right. This is the problem: “You have followed this URL, but we couldn’t find a feed for it.”

Hey…. a new virtual home, nay, a full-blown palace. Classy and so you, Jules. Love it. Plus… you look dashingly beautiful. A great look, a mind-blowingly beautiful voice, a style for which new words of praise need to be invented…. ergo you’ve got it all.

Now excuse me while I go and meet my final deadline.

I love how you look after me, Grumpy 🙂
Thank you for such kind and soul soothing words. Let me just dance a little!

I have my people and their people telling the people to sort it out pronto as I’m busy playing photographer at the moment. I hope it will all be polished up and driving like an Aston Martin DB9 by next week. If not, I’m donning my dominatrix kit and I’m gonna get stroppy.

Oh I can walk in KILLER heels with style. Just…..very….slowly…:)

I’m sorting it Shoes..all knobs and buttons are being delicately titivated and should be ready to run like a well oiled …errr…got a bit distracted there…yes, t’will all be sorted so you don’t leave me!

When do we get the next Juliette story?

Any minute, Larry! Watch this space. OK, not this space exactly but the one above. 🙂

You totally know what I brought. Silly. *holding up a tray of gourmet cheeses* Do you have any crackers?

Of course, Crystal. Perfect! I’ll just get my Cabana Boy to fetch my wheat, grain, deluxe Harrods crackers from the pantry. 🙂

Love the new look! I’m afraid that I’m more than fashionably late for the party. Looks like Gizmo and pals have drank up all the punch, so we’ll have to pop the cork on this lovely bottle of bubbly I’ve brought. Here’s to many more fabulous posts from my favorite hostess. Brought you a pair of rubber ducky slippers to rest your feet in after the party…and look…they quack when you walk in ’em.

Fashionably late is fine 🙂 So long as you’re here that’s all that matters, Tracy. Rubber ducky slippers are on and it’s all gone a bit quackers (just how I like it) so is my onesey, now lets open that bubbly!

A beautiful new place, Juju.

Thank you, Dean. 🙂

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